Sunday, February 28, 2010

Daddy Daughter Ball

My girls got the chance to go to a Daddy Daughter ball with their dad! They had such a good time, he got them little corsages and everything, the funnest part was my Dear Husband surprised them. The ball was at the school, so they new about it, but he told them he wouldn't be able to do that with them. Then he asked them to get dressed up cause they were doing something special, they got all dolled up and then they were off to the ball! they had a great time! Here is Baby Mermaids hairdo.
First I combed her hair back into a pony but I left all around it long.

I put the pony into a bun

then I started to pull up little sections, spray them with lots of hairspray comb them smooth and then hook them into the bun.

Keep pulling the hair up till you have all the hair into a bun (except the bangs)

then, braid back the bangs into the bun

other side of the bangs

The pictures keep coming, this one is from the front
and then I had to stick in a bow! LOL
well thanks for looking at my blog!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Hi, everyone I have been working like a mad woman on my new website for my hair bows CHIC-CLIPS! I am so excited now that it is almost finished! anyway as I have had "hair block" and can not think of new hairdo's I thought that I would offer you all a coupon code for my website! its good for 10% off your order of 20.00 and the code is "follower" so if you would like to wander through my shop I would love it! and if you have any hair Ideas let me know! I would love to see pictures of all of your darling daughters with their bows!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

knotty hair part deux

Wow, I cant believe that it is soo long since my last post! February has been a killer! you would think that I would be back in the groove after the holidays but to tell you the truth I still yearn to crawl back into a warm bed and sleep through february! With the Transmission going out in our only vehicle right before Christmas, and making it through that with the help of some good friends and family! till getting ready for my "real job" to kick in, I work for a youtheatre group and we are preforming the Wizard Of Oz next month and we have to get almost 300 costumes ready! My life has really just been a blur and ponytails! so bare with me and hopefully I can get back to the swing of things!
So here we took yesterdays knots and pulled them back into pigtails, It was a super easy 2day hair do!
of course I added some bows to finish it off.
and you are done!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Simple.... Sweet

Today I wanted something simple that I could use for two days, So I just did two simple knots on each side and let the rest lay long...
here she is from the top!
stick a bow on that head and out the door she goes!
see my second day do next time!