Monday, July 26, 2010

Little Princess swim hair

Here is a swim hair do again! I promise I am almost done with the swim hair! LOL
We just did two dutch braids back and forth across her head to hold her hair out of her eyes

pulled the rest of the hair into pigtails (i was going to do messy buns but got vetoed)

pulled the ends of the braids into the pigtails

and we were off to the pool!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Swim hair part 20000894

Ahhhhhhh We have been swimming way to much! with lessons and everything!
but here is a do for you all!
we just braided it in two pigtail french braids

super messy bunns!

one swimming kid!
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Friday, July 16, 2010

Swim hair again!

Here is a second day of swim hair

we started with a braid right down the middle, I was not as careful with the parts cause it is only going to last a half hour and then we are going to wash it!

three braids now! oh and that's paint on my pants I promise!

pull everything into a super messy bun

from the top

and a girl ready to swim. This stayed in so well she wore it all day! ( we went swimming up at a reservoir after lunch!)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Baby Mermaid's Swim Hair

We have swim lessons for our 2 youngest kids this week! So you know what that means! Swim Hair! I think that if I am paying that much for lessons, I don't want them to worry about their hair in the eyes flipping hair around etc. so get ready for a couple of posts on braids messy buns and updo's.
I did three dutch braids back and forth across her head

Then I pulled the rest of her hair up into pigtails and then messy bun loops

I really wish I would have made big bows to go swimming with! then I could tell what kid was mine from across the pool, but I haven't yet! LOL only I would want swim bows but y'all know me!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Bella Eclipse hair

However not fond of Bella I am, I love some of her hair styles, she is really pale like "To Cool for Hair" and has long hair I do like to try some of her hair do's on her! In the Eclipse Movie when they go to practice fighting the baby vampires she has her hair sort of pulled back, this is my version!
I just curled under her hair and straightened it, I think it makes your hair look longer with a curl on the end. Just a personal preference. and then I pulled it back and covered the elastic with a piece of hair and the topsy tail! no big whoop but I liked the way it turned out and it only took a second

still not a fan of the half bangs but here is a pic from the front, and a smirk that says hurry up mom!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bump it (kinda)

For our hair do today, I saw this cute do in a magazine when I took Monkey Man to get his hair cut and I just had to try it! so here goes!
I curled her hair with my flat Iron of awesomeness! I love these loose bouncy curls on the ends!
Then I just ratted out her hair and hooked it with bobby pins, I should have walked up and got our baby bumpit but I was to lazy!
Then I pulled hair from each side crossed it over the bobby pins and hooked it under with a bobby pin
here it is from the back
and from the front! super fast and easy!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

My Dreams come true!

Hi all you out there in hair land. It has been a dream of mine for quite some time to own a chi hair straightener. Well, I found a place in our local classified adds (K.S.L.) for all you locals out there. This girl was selling new chi's in the box for 40.00. I am sure they are off the back of a truck some where but this is how the deal went down. I called this girl, She set up a meeting place. So I go with my kids (and DH) to the back of this Karate studio to wait, I call and pull in and she comes to my car with the chi, I pass her the cash out the window and she gives me my ultra cool straightener! I felt like I should have blind folded my kids or something. I kept joking that it felt like I was buying drugs or something..... anyhow I now have my coolieo tool and I LOVE IT! as you all can tell from most of my pics, my girls have tonz of hair and I have twice that much! I always joke that I am really an amazon bush woman at heart! but this baby cuts threw my hair with ease! Here are some pics as we were getting ready for a fourth of July party!
for baby Mermaid I just flipped her hair (with the chi) I also did a quick little puffy braid across the front to keep her hair out of her eyes! my husband now understands why I wanted this so bad! He was like you curl with a straightener? I was like yes! that's one of the reasons I have been bugging you for this for years!

the back of the flip

This one was the show stopper! I don't like all the attention she got when she wore her hair like this but it was very pretty! We put red white and blue hair bling in for the holiday in all the girls hair but It really stands out in hers! and the curls....Need I say more?

Her hair is really hard to curl, but she slept on this the next day we pulled it into a pony and it still had nice wave! impressed!