Monday, August 31, 2009

braids, braids, braids,

This is one of my old standbys, I thought I would show you, I know it looks complicated but it is really quite simple once you have a basic french braid downso i combed the hair and wetted it down a tiny bit,
did to french braids till I was right above her ears

Then I had her lay her head in my lap and I did two braids up to the other braids and hooked them together with an elastic

Braid the pig tail

Then I hooked the pig tail up in a loop, sorry about the mess on Sunday mornings my kids make villages with books Lego's and Polly pockets!

Next I curled the ends and ratted them out!
added a pair of bows, cause ya all know me by now!
from the back!

Getting your hair done through the eyes of a 11 year old

The Little Princess was playing with the camera Sunday as I was doing her hair, I thought that it was funny and now you can see where my kids get there funny looks from! no one said this was a photography blog!

See I told ya they get there crazy picture look from me!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

pigtails with twisted rows

AHHH, I really try to post once a day but life seems to be going so fast lately! I thought that with Monkey Man in school I would have tonz of time, but to my dismay I have not had extra time at all! So, after spending the whole day at a leadership pow wow for cub scouts and the kiddos spending the whole day at the pool with their daddy, we got back together with time to throw the kids in the shower to wash off the chlorine and get to a church BBQ picnic! so with minutes to spare we did a cute do on baby mermaid, this went together really fast! I pulled back the back part into two high pigtails
then I parted the front part on the side and then parted each side into three sections

Now these are not fancy twists, I just twisted the hair all together until it layed flattish on her head and turned back to the pigtail

Here is all three on this side

a weird front view, have you ever noticed when you are in a hurry your kids are the least cooperative? crazy huh!

top view with some wild bows I love these bows, and this really went together very fast, and just added a little something special to her piggies!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Queen of Hearts!

Baby Mermaid named this hairdo, She thought that the messy buns looked like little hearts, and they did in a baby Mermaid way!I split the hair into six sections and then french braided them back
Here it is from the top

Then I spilt the hair in half folded each split over a finger
Slid them off my fingers and hooked them with a elastic. Sorry this pic is blurry the Little Princess was taking pics!

This is what it looked like when I got them all done from the front.

added some bows cause you all know by now that I am the bow queen!

Here it is from the back and I highlighted a heart so you could see what she was talking about. Thanks for reading my blog! I love comments and so do my kids so let us know what you think!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

from Curls to Braids

This hairdo of baby mermaid was for school yesterday! it was totally easy, I Just threw her hair into the Curlformers from sallys and then before school she took them out and I stuck a bow in her hair to keep it out of her eyes.... but that's not the instructions for today So.... this blog takes this hairdo and turns it into something else for second day hair.. Please excuse my pic's they are taken with my phone which has a crappy camera. I couldn't find my real camera and you know how it is in the morning before school! by the way these bows are avalible on chic-clips
So this is what her hair looked like after she had slept on it.
I didn't comb it out I just started to grab curls and do a loose french braid around her head
once I got to the other side it got really loose so it kinda hung down a bit, this is what I wanted, I also wanted some curls to kinda fall out as the day goes on... we will see when she gets home today
Here she is with a bow and ready to go to school see ya baby Mermaid

Monday, August 24, 2009

And the winner is!.......

The winner is comment number 26!
congrats Candi Lindsay please e-mail me within 24 hours to claim your prize! I had fun and I hope all of you did also! congrats again and when I hit another benchmark I promise I will give away some more bows! As soon as I get 150 face book friends I am doing a giveaway their so get the word out! :)

Friday, August 21, 2009

messy buns for short hair

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I have always wanted to do a messy bun but I have to admit I have been unable to! But since the Little Princess has had her hair cut I thought That I would try and it was a success!

I used the instructions on

Girlydo's They work great on shorter hair, to tell you the truth I think that my girls hair was to long for this before
From the front with both buns, please excuse our mess my dh was folding laundry!

Here it is from the back see how I didn't try to get all the short hairs in I just left them long!

From the front with bows and laundry! I guess even ladies that run hair blogs have to do laundry! thanks for looking at my blog!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

twisted ropes, into a french braid

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I know that no Idea is totally original, but I think I came up with this today! this is a second day hair do, yesterday Baby Mermaid had this hair
So I took her hair out combed it and put it in three ropes along the front, these are going to start your french braid.
Then I did three ropes along each side (parted down the middle)

Then starting with the front three ropes I started my french braid and instead of pulling sections from each side I just added a rope!

Then I took out all of the extra elastics, made a fan tail by hooking the braid into a tiny loop and flat ironed her hair to give it a little fluff

added a bow,

and sent her off to school, she wanted to show you all her wild thing that she made in school yesterday his name is batmonkey, And we love him (she made me say that)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Free bows anyone?

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

2nd day hair (crimps and braids)

Little mermaid had her hair up in pigtails with diamonds yesterday and so today she wanted crimps and braids. this is what we did.As I took her hair out of elastics, I crimped each section
Crimped up but not ready to go

I braided her hair and hooked the braids behind her head, in the middle of her hair so you cant see the elastic or the ends of the braids

Here is the front with the braids "disappearing" into her mane of hair

The back

and ready for school. (as you can tell I think ties are my girls favorite accessory for the year)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Diamond Pigtails and first day of school!

Today is our first day of school for the sisters! Monkey man starts next Monday, I wish that kindergarten could start the same day! I think it is torture for these little kids to have to wait a week, and when it is hard on kids it is harder on mom! Here they are all decked out in their school finery (except the boy) Baby Mermaid, The Little Princess and Monkey Man!
This is a bad pic of Too Cool for Hair, She has early morning classes, so mom was still asleep!

I made a little pony tail just to hold back any loose bangs, then I made a second one right behind it

Then I put the majority of her hair into pigtails, leaving the back of her hair down

Then I put the back hair into two pony tails just like the front. then I split the little ponys and hooked them into the big pigs! really easy!

Here it is from the top it makes a diamond.

Add some bow wow and you are done!