Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Wahoo! I am so excited look what I just got in the mail today!


E-Cure! don’t mind the top of my table.. it needs to be refinished (hint hint Brian) Photo1 (1)My hair is so dry and sad, I am really hoping that this helps! I will let ya know next week after I have tried it out!

Monday, June 24, 2013

A week of firsts!

This week has been an amazing week of firsts on our house! photo (5)

We got a floor! yea! I know seems kinda silly we are so excited about a floor but hey its our floor!
 photo (4)
We made Monkey Man his first bow tie!
 photo (6)  photo (3) 
Our Walls went up! Yes! we have walls!
 photo (1)
Our first locking the kids in the basement!  Hopefully not the last! LOL the basement will be finished eventually with a couple of bedrooms, bathroom and the ultimate teen hangout! they are never going to want to leave! (which is my plan! I love the kids to be at home)
Our First kiss! (at the house)

It was also our first mistake on the house! Our backyard is only 20 feet deep and when they poured the basement it got moved back by a foot.. so our back yard is even more tiny! Our General foreman told us that he would think of some compensation ideas for us, but for us to come up with some concessions! WHAT DO WE ASK FOR! Please give us some Ideas!

 WARNING the next picture is disturbing!

photo (2)
Our first Murder
Monkey man was “dying” to take this picture!” there was chalk on the wall that he thought looked just like blood…and it did, his pose is also freaky! I hope this is a normal boy thing… I have no idea!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My Dream! an IPhone!

So for years I have wanted an IPhone, I have been with T-Mobile for ever and they didn't offer an Iphone, But this spring our contract was coming up and… they got the Iphone right as I was willing to quit them, they lowered our rates to keep us and I got my Iphone! so stoked…. downloaded my apps and bought a ton of cute casses… now what? I have to admit I was not completely satisfied till now! I found this pin!
Look at all those cute app buttons! I know adorable right!
now look at how cute my phone is!

I could write a tutorial on how to do it but this lady at
Super Messy Supermom did a fab job, easy and right to the point! so Check it out!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Dirty Dash-ing

So because my Dear Husband works for a fabulous company, every year for the past 3 years they have sponsored a Dirty Dash team! What is the Dirty Dash? It’s a Mud run that is held at Soldier Hollow in Heber City Utah twice a year. This was the first year that the had a kids team so our good friends (they have 7 kids 4 of them ran) and 3 of our kids ran. I don't do mud or out doors or do I like to exercise, and Book Worm was our Photographer for the day!
But we needed a good hairdo for Baby Mermaid and this one held in really well
 Dirty Dash 002
I started with three pigtails on each side and braided the front and back pigtail, so two braided on each side, middle one not
 Dirty Dash 003
Then we crossed the front braid and the back braid over to the other side and hooked it in with an elastic
 Dirty Dash 004
Braided each pigtail together to make one gigantic braided pigtal Dirty Dash 005 
And then wrapped and megga pinned each bun
Dirty Dash 007

and this is what it looked like covered in mud… and a couple of other choice pictures!
Dirty Dash 381
Dirty Dash 330
Dirty Dash 031

Dirty Dash 392

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Wow, can you believe I am the mother of a college age daughter! Well I am Book Worm graduated from High school! I am so proud of her awesome achievements! She will be going to school at Utah Valley University and living at home next year and then she is thinking of going to Minnesota for school the next year! She graduated with Honors and All State in Speech and Debate!
Here are her Sr Pictures! by C Studios
945415_471837282885326_591219199_n 264498_471836999552021_456659185_n 420600_471837226218665_1442395812_n 944465_471836982885356_1870056736_n
They were amazing! Thanks Claire!
and of her big day!
 Mercedes Graduation 036 Mercedes Graduation 041 Mercedes Graduation 045 Mercedes Graduation 051
Wow! she did it!
Mercedes Graduation 054 
Pictures with Grandma and Grandpa!
Mercedes Graduation 056
We surprised her with Shirts that say how Proud we are! and if you look close enough you can find out what our little Book Worms name really is! LOL I guess she is graduated now! and almost 18 so we don’t have to protect her Identity for ever! Special thanks to for her awesome work on the shirts! she had no idea till she saw us walking up to her after graduating!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Diggin’ a hole!

No one understands the beauty of a hole till you have your own! here is some pictures of the last week of the home build! I am freaking out I am so excited!
Yep that is a digger on our lot! HURAH!
The kidds including our new kid (one of book worms friends that might as well live at our house!) LOL
966957_10200118410145841_1622106651_o 467503_10200118190860359_719471976_o 467749_10200138284322683_2039203704_o 
Family in Little Princesses bedroom
everyone in front of the footings!
I love this last Picture of Monkey Man, he was enthralled with the whole cement pumper and the operator who took time to show him how everything worked, Monkey man followed him around all day.

Thursday, June 6, 2013


I got an email from this cool new company that wanted me to do a review and giveaway on there product! Of course you guys know what a hairjunkie I am and I just had to try these!
From there website
Made out of stretchy plastic ~ you can put 'em in your hair to update your favorite style. Put 'em on your pencil to add some fun. Does someone you love knit? They're sure to be a hit!  There are so many great ways to use Qoileez!
and they are pretty cool! when they came in the mail Baby Mermaid and Little Princess were totally into them, they thought that they were very cool…
MIX-hotpink_black_350_largeThis is one of the sets that we got and I have to say they colors are just as great and bright as the pictures! I was really excited!
So here is a hairdo and a couple more pictures that we did with our  Qoileez!
 Grotto etc 034
So I pulled her hair back into a big pony leaving the front long and braided that, And put a Qoileez on the end, this one stayed in really well because of the thickness of Baby Mermaids hair! They go in really easy on some one else, I tried to put one in my own hair! thanks goodness for a DH that was willing to help out!
 Grotto etc 035  Grotto etc 037
Then I braided her bangs into four braids and put the Qoileez on each of these ends, these braids were to thin to hold the Qoileez on, so I put a elastic under them and they worked just fine!
Grotto etc 036
 Grotto etc 038
Then I Wrapped her main pony into a big bun, pined the heck out of it and made sure that the Qoileez ended up on the top! super easy!
 Grotto etc 039 Grotto etc 040 Grotto etc 041
Then I took each braid and wove them through the bun you can see how it looked and how I pulled each one through. Just make sure that the cute little plastic ends up on the top part of the bun!
 Grotto etc 042 
then I pinned down all the flyaways and ended up with this amazing bun! Grotto etc 044
Grotto etc 045
And your done! super easy and fun.
This is a second hairdo we did on baby mermaid and the Qoileez stayed in her hair amazing with no elastic!
Grotto etc 122Grotto etc 123 
This one was Excellent! I think the kids will love them on there Pencils this fall! they were super fun and easy to use!
K do you want your own Qoileez? You can have a ton of chances to win!
Go to there website Qoileez and tell me what set you would like to win!
Pin your favorite hairdo of mine and leave a message here!
Share this post with your friends so they can win Qoileez (again leave a mesage)!
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four chances to win enter every day! winner picked on June 13th with good luck!