Friday, July 31, 2009

Teenage bun with diagonal braids & positive day

I have so enjoyed this week, To Cool For Hair has had show choir camp all week and has wanted her hair off of her neck! so we have done some really cute things... the only problem with 8am start times we haven't got a lot of pics :( but today we didn't start till 11:00 so I took pics for a tutorial! I did three diagonal french braids from the right side of her head to her left side. then I secured them with an elastic
then I did three diagonal braids from the right side to the left from the bottom to the top so the ends met at the same place and hooked both ends together, so I only have 3 ponys

Then I did my usual pin curl buns across the ponys, they kind of ended up on a diagonal from the right side down, I loved how this looked!

Here she is from the front!

from the top!

I was so excited and she loved it! she told me today I should change her name on my blog because she is definitely NOT to cool for her mom to do her hair! ahhhh, that made my day!

I was a day late on this
but I thought that it was a great idea! and with a happy teenager, a loving hubby and great kids! plus the fact that I don't have to do cub scouts till next week! what could be better! thanks dust bunny hostage for this great idea!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

pigtails with spice, and braids

I get so sick of the same thing so my brain says braid something and I do!
Part out the hair in front of the ears and then put the back hair into piggies
section out 2 sideways pieces and dutch braid them back, here is braid #1

braid #2

pull them both into the pigtail that makes a nice diagonal line

then I did her pigtails up into little buns! here is how I do buns totally easy and fun!

from the front before bows

tada! bows and all!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

free bows again!

Lets just call this talking Tuesday! I pulled a all nighter with a really good friend who owns sticheroo's the worlds cutest custom embroidery store! if you haven't seen her stuff you should definitely check it out! She has great prices. due to the fact that my brain isn't working and I don't know if I can tell you how to do hair I thought I would let you know about my Face book giveaway all you have to do is go be a fan of my face book page and leave my a couple of comments! totally easy and you could win a pigtail set of bows free and clear!
hope y'all can win!

Monday, July 27, 2009

how to bleach tips for a boy!

My little monkey man is a crazy hair obsessed little man, He loves his hair just so and since he was three he wanted his hair tipped! I flat out refused until he turned 5, I thought he would forget, but forget he would not! Then I refused to pay 30 bucks for him to get tips so I ran to my favorite store ever Sally's Hair Supply! and they had this set for 7 bucks! The instructions say to mix it all at once but I only do about a tablespoon at a time! The one kit and I do about 7 or 8 tip jobs! all the neighborhood boys have it done! so you mix the stuff one part to one part really easy.

then you spike up all the hair and brush just the tips, told you it was easy and way to easy to pay 30 dollars!

Here he is happy as a clam and all bleached up!

Now his favorite part! he gets to sit and play video games for 1 hour!
tada! tips and a happy little boy!

Friday, July 24, 2009

short hair do #1

Here is a hair do that I have done a couple of times on the little princess since she has cut her hair short! so I parted out the front section, due to the fact that we lost all of our hairdoing clips on vacation I am using elastics!
Then I hooked the sides back so that my parts would still be straight when I braided her hair.

braided the hair pulling strands only from the front so the braid would stand up on one edge. this is also a dutch french braid which helps it pop up.

still braiding

took out the extra elastics, combed the back smooth, and your done

Thursday, July 23, 2009

pony tail with braids just for fun

What kind of hair should we do, a ponytail? Never! unless we spice it up a bit! we started by parting the hair from ear to ear and then parting that section on a dramatic diagonal part. Combed smooth and hair sprayed and then braided back one of the sections
combed, hairspray braid again!

this pic shows the part really good. then I just combed all the loose hair into a low pony and hooked the braids in with an elastic! really easy but a little bit fun!

back, before it has been "bowed"

from the front with some cheese!

with a bow! we love the Jonas Brothers! these bows will be on chic-clips next week

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeazy

so Remember to enter both of the great giveaways that end this week! and
on with the hair
So... Today I thought Easy. and I pulled out this hairdo from the dark recesses of my mind, It I am sure has been done before and possibly blogged about! If you have done this do, by all means let me know! I can't remember where we originally saw this one! (oh I forgot to mention, the little princess did not get hair extensions, I have a few more long hair pics of her!)

so, I started out by parting the hair into four sections and braiding the hair, I put pomade in the hair first to reduce frizzies on the braids

Then, I crossed the braids and hooked the bottoms together like this It kind of makes 2 Vs

from the front, I love this hair it looks simple and classic from the front

and a little sassy in the back, with a pair of our favorite korkers!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Trash Tie bunns

I Bought my trash ties last Christmas, was so excited to use them and quite honestly do not love them, I have only used them a couple of times, and I won't purchase any more, if you have them and love them! great, this is of course my opinion, but enough with the rant and on with the hair! so this is baby Mermaids hair and we wanted it up because it was going to be hot! I started with the hair in a high pony and with an elastic then I made a slip type knot out of the trash tie and tightened it up in her hair!

see it really is made out of a wire!

Here I am wrapping the hair and the "trash tie" together

Then I just twist it up on itself and then "sew" the end into the hair and fold it over on itself, I have a hard time getting these in tight but last minute we decided to go swimming and it stayed in beautiful! for which I was very surprised I think it is because we put it in a pony with an elastic first!

here is the back with a bow. When I made this bow set a couple of years ago my dear sweet supportive husband said "seriously Heather, the poor kid looks like Princess Leah" now we try to wear them one at a time or as really high pigtails

I have been teasing baby mermaid because she closes her eyes for every pic, she is super sensitive to light so this is her funny "mom, I am opening my eyes pic"

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

When it rains it pours!

sorry I just thought that I would take a minute away from hair again and give you two chances to win bows two great moms of s have giveaways featuring my bows so to win go to these websites and
good luck!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

piggies in a pen

so on baby Mermaid to day we made piggies in a pen, or a french braid square around our pigtails, Its really easy and a great one to practice your french braiding skills. so I parted her hair down the middle and then I separated it into three sections! Put pigtails in the middle sections over her ears

Then I braided the front sections straight across, and then when I got to the end of the french braid I just braided it back far enough to hook it into my pigtail.

There is the front done!

now I did the same thing on the back!

hook those braids into the pigtails

and your done, your pigtails are in a nice little braided pen! I don't know where my pic is with bows and from the front! just imagine it o.k.

Monday, July 13, 2009

chic-clips giveaway!

The great mom on sugar and spice and all hair things nice is doing a great giveaway on my bows! I am so flattered by her! I just thought that I would give her a shout out so that you can all run over there and win! win! win!
thanks so much!

Triple woven french braid?

So For the little princesses half birthday we had a swimming party, so we needed something fancy that would hold up to water, this is what we came up with! It looks like a hard do I know but it was quite easy after I figured it out! sorry this is a very long post! and it has lots of pics!So I separated the hair into three sections length wise, Then I separated the center section into six, two across three down, then I french braided the front right piece down to the middle left piece back to the bottom right piece, then braided the hair all the way to the ends.

Here is the top view then we just repeated the other side

so here is the middle section all done! we went left right left instead of right left right! then I sectioned the hair on the sides just like I did in the middle and braided them out the same way

Here is the first braid on the left

Here is the left side and the center done, now, on to the right!

Here is the first braid on the right side, I wove it the same way I did the center one! I know it looks complex but it was really very easy!

all the tails I braided them down as far as i could

all the tails braided together!

then I tucked the tails up in a elastic to make a loop.

from the back

and the front!