Thursday, July 23, 2009

pony tail with braids just for fun

What kind of hair should we do, a ponytail? Never! unless we spice it up a bit! we started by parting the hair from ear to ear and then parting that section on a dramatic diagonal part. Combed smooth and hair sprayed and then braided back one of the sections
combed, hairspray braid again!

this pic shows the part really good. then I just combed all the loose hair into a low pony and hooked the braids in with an elastic! really easy but a little bit fun!

back, before it has been "bowed"

from the front with some cheese!

with a bow! we love the Jonas Brothers! these bows will be on chic-clips next week


Circe said...

My cousin just showed me this blog because I wanted some new hair ideas. I saw the hair clips on the bottom of the posts and I think they are so adorable! And I think your prices are good, most flowers are like eight bucks! You are very cool. Maybe I'll buy that pink flower:) G

bbreck said...

I love this one. Simple but very very cute. Can't wait to try it on my little one.

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