Friday, July 11, 2014

A Moustache, A Princess, and a White Board.

Ok once again I have been gone for a long time! I have had a lot going on, we are getting ready for a wedding. Yep bookworm is going to be a Mrs. in just under a month. but I have been working on some cool stuff. and just living life!

When I asked Baby Mermaid what she wanted in her room it was polkadots. but instead of polka dots moustaches. So left with that description and the color theme of Teal, Yellow and gray. this is what I came up with.

Moms Iphone 354We Started with gray walls that match the rest of our house, and then started making moustaches in yellow, two feet apart on what we are going to call our Moustache wall

Moms Iphone 359 

As you can see we picked out a few of our favorite moustaches and I made stencils of them, Weird that they don't sell moustache stencils I know right?

Moms Iphone 372

Then I did the same thing but only with our “teal” color, don’t adjust your computer screens, I know its Turquoise… We matched it to the quilt she got for Christmas.

And that's the beginning of our Moustache, princess artist room!


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