Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving! braided buns

Hey! Happy thanks giving! We had quite the crazy month but I am pretty proud that I got as much blogging done as I did! I am off to shop all night and then craft fair for the next two days but hey! I just thought that we would wish you a happy holiday and show you To Cool for Hairs holiday you can see from the pics Baby Mermaid has an addition to her face!
Yep she got glasses! Here she is waiting for her turn to get her hair done!

so I just started putting in little dutch braids in her hair

every witch way no rhyme or reason

Here she is with her braiding done.

Then I pulled it into four ponys around the back of her head then I just put the ponys into pin curls and fixed them up the best I could. ( the stuffing and yams were in the oven so I had a few minutes to work!)

from the back

from the top

and there you go from the front all the way done (mom would have added a bow, or flower)
I am so thankful for wonderful kids, a awesome hubby that reminds me to slow down and not try to do everything, the best parents in the world, good friends, great friends and awesome followers! Thanks for following me on this wild ride called life!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

hauser braid and a turkey!

I don't know how to spell the name of this braid, but it makes a square, almost 4 stranded braid.I pulled Baby Mermaids hair up in a tiny side pony with the very front part of her hair, I always try to do a long hairdo the first day after we wash her hair and then morph that do into a more up second day do. I am just lazy that way, then I made 2 rope braids with her pony.
so, I twisted the two strand s back together so, to make the ropes I twisted the hair to the right, then twisted the twists to the left, put in elastics and twisted the ropes back to the right, It was really simple and quick.

Here she is ready for school with a turkey in her hair, I know I told her to grab a bow and she came back with this! It was a totally easy and ready to go hair day,
for the second day hair we pulled the back part up into pigtails and pulled the braid back in the left pigtail it was really cute to but I didn't get a pic sorry!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Look Ma, I picked a winner

I have so much fun doing these giveaways! I really enjoy hearing from everyone! Feel free to leave comments any time, my girls and I love it!
and the winner is....................................
Drumroll please...................................
Melissa! congrats please give me an email so I can get your address and get these shipped off to you! hopefully you can get them before thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

upsidedown headband

Today we mixed up the basic braided hair band, but before I get started make sure you check out our giveaway today is the last day to enter! so we parted out the front part of her hair and held it with a clip, then I Hair sprayed the back and combed it into a ponytail, then starting at her ear I braided the front section up to her side part and then braided the hair all the way to the ends

did the same thing on the other side
pulled both of the braids into her ponytail

added our Jacob bow in Honor of the new movie that comes out tonight at midnight! we will be there! sometimes ya just have to stay out all night with your kiddo!

Here she is from the sideish with her bangs all combed out kinda! how long does it take for bangs to grow out?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

punky braids and funky buns

Here we did Little Princesses hair for church, It turned out kinda wild but here ya go, we braided back the front part into two french braids Then we hooked the back part into elastics (as much as I could get to stay up)
So here is her braided pigtails with the back added in

turned those pigtails into messy buns using elastics and bobby pins

added bows from the front

and the side

Then we flipped the back hair and here is a pic from the back

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Double bun, Chinese style!

We found this do on Girly do's by Jen
I love it I have done it on To Cool for Hair and had rave reviews from her friends! but today we did it on baby Mermaid, my bottom curl is a bit funky but i didn't have time to redo it, I think I should have used a few more bobby pins but oh well, by the way can you see the hair glitter strands? remember to enter here!
start by making a double bun in the back and leaving a front section out.
Here is the bun, wrap the left out section around the buns and secure with a bobby pin

we added a bow over the wrapped hair! Just for fun.

side, view!

front, now were ready for church!

Friday, November 13, 2009

my giveaway!

I did a craft show in Logan last weekend and I found this product that I love! It is hair Tinsel! you know those sparkly strands that they will put in your kids hair at carnivals for 2.00 a string! well Deven Walus sells them on line at Punk Monroe for 8.00 for 100 strands! I know cool huh! So, I bought a couple of packages for my girls and one for you so today's giveaway is 100 strands of hot pink hair bling! Here are some pics from

well we had a tinsel party with some girls and moms from our neighbor hood and they all thought it was hard to put in the first couple of strands, but by the time you do one kids head its all easy peasy lemon squeezie! Here are some pics of baby Mermaid tonight with her bling in!

How do you enter?

1- Leave me a comment about what you like best about my blog.

2- face book or twitter about us or our giveaway

3- follow me here or on face book (you can get 2 entry's if you do both)

4- as its getting close to Christmas I would love to hear what your kiddos want from the man in red!

you can enter every day until next Friday, the 20th

have a happy Friday the 13th and good luck!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Punky Piggie braids!

Here is our hairdo for today, Its kinda punky and fun.Split hair into pigtails this time they are kinda high

Braid the pigtails and loop them up with a second elastic

fluff them out and add some bows

from the front! can you see the teaser of what our giveaway is tomorrow? Its not the bows!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Wide Hair Headband

For some reason lately I have been in a hair headband mood, so I did a wide triple head band on Baby Mermaid. I did a regular headband with her bangs, a dutch braid second and then a regular french braid last. so it was quite a bit wider than usual
Here it is all pulled together under her hair

hair combed out from the back

and from the front, I think we stuck a bow in after the pic, but sometimes believe it or not my kids will go to school without hair accessories! and remember to keep checking back for my very cool fabo giveaway!!!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

chic Older girl hair with bangs and braids and pony tail

To cool for hair recently cut some bangs into her hair (against moms wishes) and so now we get to discover new hairdos! for this hair we hooked her bangs up out of the way and parted out an inch section behind her bangs, then hooked the back hair out of the way

I braided down one side, and then the other
then I pulled her hair into a pony and hooked the braids into it

from the front with her "long bangs"

and a silly one!

Oh, I also have a very cool giveaway coming up on the end of this week! get ready cause it is so cool! I can't wait to show you the cool product and the great price that I found at a craft show this weekend! whoop! I love new hair stuff!!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Pigtail buns with worms

This is one of my favorite do's I haven't done it forever, the buns I first saw on she does hair, but they substitute for any bun, I love them!I pulled her hair into two pigtails in the back and then twisted down the front in two sections and hooked that into her pigs.
Then you just grab chunks of the pigtails and twist away

Keep twisting they will start to fold up on themselves, keep twisting

once it is twisted up like this then you just put the bunch where you want it and bobby pin it in, I love the tiny bobby pins from Sally's for this hair do, then you don't have huge bobby pins sticking out!

Here is a side view of her bun all done up, you can see the twists in the front, I should have taken pics of that but I forgot! sorry!
from the back you can see why we call these buns worms!

front, with cheese!

done and with bows in, I got so busy I didn't get a pic of just her!
*side note, we did this hair for her baptism on Saturday, she looked gorgeous and was so excited, she woke up at 5 am to get ready, we talked her in to sleeping a little bit longer! We are so proud of our Baby Mermaid! Congratulations sweet heart!