Sunday, November 22, 2009

hauser braid and a turkey!

I don't know how to spell the name of this braid, but it makes a square, almost 4 stranded braid.I pulled Baby Mermaids hair up in a tiny side pony with the very front part of her hair, I always try to do a long hairdo the first day after we wash her hair and then morph that do into a more up second day do. I am just lazy that way, then I made 2 rope braids with her pony.
so, I twisted the two strand s back together so, to make the ropes I twisted the hair to the right, then twisted the twists to the left, put in elastics and twisted the ropes back to the right, It was really simple and quick.

Here she is ready for school with a turkey in her hair, I know I told her to grab a bow and she came back with this! It was a totally easy and ready to go hair day,
for the second day hair we pulled the back part up into pigtails and pulled the braid back in the left pigtail it was really cute to but I didn't get a pic sorry!


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