Wednesday, August 25, 2010

D.C. days 3-4

when we made it to Ohio we decided to go to the great lakes, We have never been up there and it looked pretty close on the map so we took our picnic up to lake Erie, It was really windy but we had a great time!

like I said in my last post, please help me with my hair! its getting bigger and bigger! we had a great time splashing in the lake at this cute park, It was in this little Victorian area and so much fun!

here are the girls and monkey mans legs in the sign in front of the park, now back into the car,

now to Pennsylvania, the words that describe are: trees and hills, but I would call it the land of roadwork!

here is the back seat, poor packed in little people!

yeah we are almost there! We didn't get a picture of the Virginia sign because we got in after dark and it was really busy and had road work maybe later! but we made it and to everyone who thought we were nuts (Julie) It was so much fun! we saw a lot of things and my kids were great there was very little arguing and fighting lots of laughter and fun! More pictures later tonight or tomorrow!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Our Trip to D.C.

As many of you know My family and I have gone on a little trip across the U.S. for our family vacation this year! so I thought that I would try to blog every night so you all could keep up with us so here it is day 4 and my first blog entry... oh well
Day one!
We got a late start today on our drive and so we ended up eating lunch in Evanston WY. it was like... the best! LOL
Here we are in front of the WY sign. I would just like to add that monkey man must have had some kind of mental lapse in judgement because he can not pose for a photo!

Too cool for hair by  Buffalo in the park where we had our picnic lunch!
I think this is monkey man dead from the fire wagon? When I asked my kids one word that described Wyoming they told me weird rocks. and that about sums it up except for maybe Lincolns Head?

Here we are in front of the Nebraska sign, wow we are moving along quickly now! We stayed in a KOA in Grand Island we got in really late because of our late start! We pulled in after dark and we just planned on throwing out sleeping bags and sleeping under the stars, well, We went up to the door on the office to pick up our map and there were 10000 frogs on the side walk and grass! I about freaked out! wait who am I trying to kid! I totally freaked out, Needless to say my DH pitched the tent and we slept like babies.

Day 2
Here are some pics of monkey man on the great frog hunt the next morning, to bad no one told the frogs about his mad mouse catching skills!

here is more of the hunt!
and here is the proud hunter!
So day 2 we drove again but I must tell ya I asked my kids to describe each state with one word and the word for Nebraska was Stinky, I agree but would perhaps add Froginfested! Iowa is the next state we passed through and the kids said that one was farms. For some reason I don't have a picture of the sign

So here we are in front of a Danish Windmill. My mom (who is the reason I am hair obsessed) and I really enjoyed this, due to the fact that we have a lot of danish blood in our family.

here is Too Cool For Hair posing as Hans Christian Andersen, I think he was missing off of the statue base for some reason.

I think the family that plunders together stays together? LOL Nice pigtails DH!

Here we are coming into Illinois, The road was crazy busy and we had just crossed the Mississippi, so We just got a picture of the sign. the one word for Illinois is more farms

playing at a park for lunch

boom boom firepower!

We stayed at a KOA in South Bend Indiana, where I took a shower and now look at my hair!!!!!!!!!!!!! so this being a hair blog if anyone has any tips for hair with high humidity PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!
Petting the goat Sonny Donny or Jonny, he didn't answer to any of the names so we don't know what one he is
We took a quick trip to Michigan, (like a block off the freeway) So we could say we went there!
Monkey man is still how can I say this nicely? Weird.....Yep Weird
and check out my mop!
its 11:00 I will work on this more tomorrow

Saturday, August 7, 2010

swim hair and a trip to the res!

Here is a swim hairdo and a trip to our reservoir (a lake-ish pond that we swim at once a week, all of our family that live all over is always asking what the Res is so here are some pics!)
so I just did a quick smocking in the front the first row is three pigtails the second row is 4 easy

her hair is so short that I did a puffy braid up the back

combined both into a pony tail

and she is ready to swim!

Here are the kiddos on the beach, I use that word loosely as the sand is actually gravel because its quite windy here and when they put down nice sand it blew away! so now its poky gravel!

My Dear Husband pumping up the island! What a strong man!

The secret to our success! the first couple of times we went out we both pumped with hand pumps but now I use the battery powered one and he pumps up the rest with the hand pump it still takes about a half hour to pump it up! LOL

The kids ready to go out! So much fun!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Wow What a week!

Well I have been really busy this week painting Too Cool For Hairs Room! It turned out really awesome so I thought I would show you the pics!
Well as you can tell zebra print was a theme of this room as well as books,
One wall down three to go!
She had picked out 7 pages of quotes I think we got about 5 pages on, I could NOT paint one more word for the life of me!
Three walls done one  to go!

yep more zebra it was better than words! (I think)
and tada its done!

She is saving up for a white couch to go in front of this wall! Right now it has The Little Princesses bed
(we are going to work on her room next which is a princess ninja theme! LOL)
The red shelf is a book shelf for her books ad stuff

inside the three frames there will be sheets of metal for magnet boards (I didn't have time to go pick it up yet)

All of her quotes, her bed will go in this corner

Last wall her bed will go there(that's why the quotes end besides the fact that I was tired)

Her desk area ( she has a black chair to go there that's my kitchen chair that I was standing on to paint all week long!)

The kiddos! They were a great help! Too Cool for Hair kept the house running while I was working! painted and traced words, and finished her floor which I think ended up really cool! The little Princess helped by painting (a little) and tracing, And the little ones just sat and played and talked to me all week!