Wednesday, August 25, 2010

D.C. days 3-4

when we made it to Ohio we decided to go to the great lakes, We have never been up there and it looked pretty close on the map so we took our picnic up to lake Erie, It was really windy but we had a great time!

like I said in my last post, please help me with my hair! its getting bigger and bigger! we had a great time splashing in the lake at this cute park, It was in this little Victorian area and so much fun!

here are the girls and monkey mans legs in the sign in front of the park, now back into the car,

now to Pennsylvania, the words that describe are: trees and hills, but I would call it the land of roadwork!

here is the back seat, poor packed in little people!

yeah we are almost there! We didn't get a picture of the Virginia sign because we got in after dark and it was really busy and had road work maybe later! but we made it and to everyone who thought we were nuts (Julie) It was so much fun! we saw a lot of things and my kids were great there was very little arguing and fighting lots of laughter and fun! More pictures later tonight or tomorrow!


SugarandSpice said...

WOW! What a blast! Maybe I will take my kids on a road trip when my little one gets a little bigger! I hope you have tons of fun!

Amyjo said...

love tha hair picture Heather! Miss you guys- have fun!

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