Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The world has changed forever!

This weekend we were getting ready to make wedding invitations for my brother and his fiancĂ© for the 14th of June! We were so excited to welcome Jacqui and her two adorable children into our lives! As we pulled up to the house, her mom came running around the corner and told us that her sweet little boy Vince had fallen into a river while having visitation with his father in the canyon, and that he was being life flighted to Primary Children’s hospital, Jacqui and her mother jumped into the back of my van and off we sped the hour to the hospital, on the drive up the hospital called and told us that he was in extremely critical condition and was unconscious, As we arrive they rushed Jacqui and her mother away and we waited for them to get him into the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) as we called my brother and kept him updated (he is in the Navy and stationed in CA). As we sat and waited for any info on this sweet little man. that just turned 2 last month, we cried with his grandmother and Aunts and uncles and waited for the best to happen! about Midnight Jacqui came running into the waiting room crying that Vince was dying and that she needed her mom with her. The doctors who I have every respect for, then told us that his stomach was bloated and so distended that they could not get enough blood pressure to get blood up to his poor little brain. They told us that they had a surgery that was his only hope, but that no child in the hospital had ever lived through it, they gave us a very small chance even survival but Jacqui signed the papers and they started the surgery. they came in and told us that he made it though, and that his intestines were nice and pink, not the black and gray that they usually find after the surgery, then they told us to go home and get some sleep, and that Jacqui and her Ex-husband could spend the night with Vince, we all left hoping that tomorrow would be a new day and all would be well with Vince.


But on Sunday morning they checked his pupils at about 5:30 am and they were fixed and dilated, Jacqui called us and told us if we wanted to say goodbye that we needed to come up as soon as possible, we jumped back into the car and drove to the hospital, where we waited until about 12:30 when my brothers flight got in, on the way back from the airport they told us that they had done the first test for brain activity and he had not responded to any of the 12 steps, and that they would repeat the test again in 2 hours, as we waited and these young people had to decide about organ donation and, things that no parents should ever have to decide about. The Doctor came in and said that he was going to go administer the test again, as we prayed that some miracle would happen! It had happened yesterday, he had survived the surgery, please just one more were all we are hoping for. But the Lord has his own plans and his own timeline, and Vince was proclaimed brain dead. We then waited in line to go in and say goodbye to his little broken body that was laying in the hospital bed, and his Grandfather, Jacqui’s dad said the most profound thing. He looked at his watch and said. 20 hours, its only been 20 hours.


In 20 hours we had gone from planning a happy wedding celebration, To a Funeral for a little boy that’s life had not even begun to start. all of the family's hopes and dreams for this little boy were gone. and now they had to look forward to nothing…. just


here is a link to the blog that you could donate to this little mans funeral and medical bills, The father was supposed to have health insurance on the children, but as we found out at the hospital he had not yet purchased it, so any amount that you could donate would be appreciated.





Sunday, May 29, 2011

Monkey Man

I think the small boy was feeling left out of all the hair craziness because after we faux hawked his hair he came down with his own hair accessorie, and yes, I let him wear it all day at church!

grandmas pictures 026grandmas pictures 027

grandmas pictures 033

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Curls day 2

Yes, I am tired of hair! I know can you imagine! but for the day after the wedding I did not want to do hair! but It was Sunday and the girls wanted to be all done up and wear their new dresses to church! so we did this super simple hair do on Baby Mermaid

grandmas pictures 015

so this is her hair when she woke up, messy curls that are flat in back,

grandmas pictures 016

I pulled her hair up into a pony,

grandmas pictures 017

left her braided headband out of the pony for a second,

grandmas pictures 022

Then I just put some bobby pins in to make it look more like a full bun,

grandmas pictures 023

then I pulled her braided hair up and stuck a bow in her hair! and your done!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

More fancy do’s

This is the hairdo we ended up doing for the wedding, on the Little Princess it is almost like this do but the braids lay on the top of the bun.

grandmas pictures 008grandmas pictures 009grandmas pictures 010grandmas pictures 011grandmas pictures 012grandmas pictures 013grandmas pictures 014

This was the winner of the school poll, Like I said it was fancy hair week here at chic-clips! My Brother just set a date for his wedding so it looks as if it will be wedding month again next month LOL!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Braided bun, Again

This is the same bun that I did on bookworm last time (its under fancy hair for weddings still), but I was so
amazed at the difference in the look because of the length of hair,
Mom's weird 124
Mom's weird 125
Mom's weird 126
knotty bun
Mom's weird 127
Happy girl!

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Wedding! FINALY!

So for the day of the wedding, my older girls got to have two hairdo’s because they went and did baptisms during the ceremony at the Manti Temple


So here is Bookworms do at the temple, (after it had gotten soaking wet)


And The Little Princess hair (again, wet)


Bride and Groom! Congrats!


And The little Princess and Aunt Becky!

then we ran home and got the little kids ready as well as redid hair again! LOL I am a hair Nazi!

wedding 002

When I took this picture I laughed and told the kids it looked like a mug shot, so they all turned to the side for the rest of the mug shots! LOL

wedding 003

wedding 078

Monkey Man dancing with his aunt!

wedding 109

a close up of Baby Mermaids hair, it was just a braided headband in Curlformers!

wedding 005

Bookworms Hair

wedding 004

the girlies

wedding 095

DH and Baby Mermaid dancing!


and Mom enjoying the day!


Thursday, May 19, 2011

fancy hair for weddings still

This was a dry run for wedding hair, and for dace for Book worm,Mom's weird 117

At this point I didn’t know what I was doing, I just dutch french braided it pulling hair only from the front,

Mom's weird 118

Then I did the same thing on the other side

Mom's weird 119

pulled her hair into a pony and then braided that, (note, the back of her hair never got braided in the french braids!)

Mom's weird 120

then I just looped her hair into a knot

Mom's weird 121

and slid the knot up to her head

Mom's weird 122

tucked in her end with a topsy tail, and bobby pined like crazy

Mom's weird 123

and your done!


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hair Bow

When The little princess was looking for pictures of hair for her Aunts wedding she found a picture of Paris Hilton sporting a hair bow, and she wanted to try, this is our first attempted and it was before school, I only have a half an hour scheduled for all three girls hair, so this is what she got

Mom's weird 104

Pulled her hair into a high ponytail

Mom's weird 105

Here you can see the placement better

Mom's weird 106

made two loops with the ponytail

Mom's weird 107

took a section of hair and wrapped it around the elastics holding the loops

Mom's weird 108

wrapped it again and used some bobby pins to hold it in place

Mom's weird 109

and from the front, If I were to do it again, I would make sure that her hair was dry and then ratted and put pomade in it to hold it into place better!


Updo again, Buns and Braids

This Hair do is similar to our Glinda Hair do, but a little bit more detail,Mom's weird 110
I started her hair with the bangs parted out, and the back in four little ponys across the back of her head.
Mom's weird 111
thenI put her hair up into pin curls, Mom's weird 112
Then we braided back the bangs and hooked them down with a bobby pin, and then pincurled out the ends,
Mom's weird 113
back view,
Mom's weird 114
Mom's weird 115Mom's weird 116
and front! super easy and cute!