Monday, May 23, 2011

The Wedding! FINALY!

So for the day of the wedding, my older girls got to have two hairdo’s because they went and did baptisms during the ceremony at the Manti Temple


So here is Bookworms do at the temple, (after it had gotten soaking wet)


And The Little Princess hair (again, wet)


Bride and Groom! Congrats!


And The little Princess and Aunt Becky!

then we ran home and got the little kids ready as well as redid hair again! LOL I am a hair Nazi!

wedding 002

When I took this picture I laughed and told the kids it looked like a mug shot, so they all turned to the side for the rest of the mug shots! LOL

wedding 003

wedding 078

Monkey Man dancing with his aunt!

wedding 109

a close up of Baby Mermaids hair, it was just a braided headband in Curlformers!

wedding 005

Bookworms Hair

wedding 004

the girlies

wedding 095

DH and Baby Mermaid dancing!


and Mom enjoying the day!



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