Saturday, May 28, 2011

Curls day 2

Yes, I am tired of hair! I know can you imagine! but for the day after the wedding I did not want to do hair! but It was Sunday and the girls wanted to be all done up and wear their new dresses to church! so we did this super simple hair do on Baby Mermaid

grandmas pictures 015

so this is her hair when she woke up, messy curls that are flat in back,

grandmas pictures 016

I pulled her hair up into a pony,

grandmas pictures 017

left her braided headband out of the pony for a second,

grandmas pictures 022

Then I just put some bobby pins in to make it look more like a full bun,

grandmas pictures 023

then I pulled her braided hair up and stuck a bow in her hair! and your done!


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