Friday, June 1, 2012

Double waterfall Braid

This is a tutorial for a double waterfall braid, done the easy way! cause I am a cheater when it comes to waterfall braids and no one has to know, unless I tell you all on my blog!_DSC0001
so I start by sectioning out the top part of her hair and then do four Dutch braids starting at the front and ending in the back, I am not super fussy about the parts because they are going to be hidden anyway!
After I have all four braids done..
I braid them into one braid, going down the back of her hair just to finish it off
Then this is where it gets easy, just section out the very front piece of hair and put it through the first section of braid, on both the top and bottom braid using your topsy tail, _DSC0005_DSC0006_DSC0007_DSC0008_DSC0009_DSC0010
Keep pulling a small section at a time until you have all of your hair through
And your done!


Christy Lube said...

Oh, I love that! I keep thinking about trying to the regular waterfall braid, but it looks sort of fragile... this looks like it would stay put a lot better for active little girls. Thanks!

lollipoopmonster said...

cool. I want to try it but I might be difficult. do you have a video of this tutorial?

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Addie said...
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Addie said...

Oh my goodness! That looks so cool and easy enough for me to do. My only question is what is a topsy tail? Can I get one around here? Thanks again for subbing in Nursery today. It was so nice to have your help and now I have your blog to oogle over, too!


Chic-Clips said...

I have a video on you tube for the single water fall braid, its pretty similar but I will try to get a double water fall up this week, and Addie, a topsy tail is something that was super popular in the 80's but they have them on ebay for about 1.50 to 1.99!

UntrainedHairMom said...

Oh, i love this... and it looks easy enough to do!

Alicia Conway said...

Really nice! I like such bunches!
Have some ideas for great New Year hairdos:

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