Friday, February 14, 2014

Space Room Part 2

Moms Iphone 396

So here we go with painting the Earth,

 Moms Iphone 388


 Moms Iphone 391 Moms Iphone 393

Book Worm drew the sun, and Brian spent a long time on the ladder.  I wanted vinyl that said each planet name, I probably could have painted it… but I didn’t want to and I found a Mellow Yellow Decor on Etsy she has done TONS of Vinyl for me. I just tell her what I am thinking and she comes back with EXACTLY what I want, she is super quick and FANTASTIC!

DSC_0052 DSC_0049


Here are all of the cute planets with the names, I will show you the finished product with all of his stuff next time!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Ropes and a Twist

So Today is a school day so we did something super quick, I blew dry her hair,  Moms Iphone 003

Flipped up the ends with my flat Iron

Moms Iphone 004 

And pulled her hair back in the front with a rope twist french braid,

Moms Iphone 005

Notice her super cute new “nerd glasses” kids these days!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Working on Monkey Mans Room

For Christmas I told the kids that we would paint there rooms for them however they wanted, I was thinking whatever color you want. My kids thought way bigger than that! Monkey Man wants to work for NASA when he grows up, He wants to be an astronomer, not an astronaut. He is planning on moving to Florida, and keeping his feet on the ground. So when he told me that he wanted his room to look like space, real space not cartoon space I was thrown for a loop… So I headed to my good friend pintrest and found this room and fell in love!

Connors space room

Now this was a space room that I can fall in love with! so I started to work on Ideas and colors. Monkey Mans room was white, with nasty weirdo stripes..


in the picture the stripes look pretty normal… but off of camera they had three together and then a fat one and a skinny one, just totally random. we just painted over the stripes and started to tape the stripes..

 Moms Iphone 382 Moms Iphone 381

Lots of tape, LOL, that is starting to be a theme at our house…

Then we pulled out the paint, we went with Behr Quiet Storm It was such a dark color that we ended up doing 3 coats.. (and an extra gallon of paint)

 Moms Iphone 383 Moms Iphone 384

Then the fun came, pulling off all the tape, Documented by Monkey Man..Moms Iphone 385Moms Iphone 386

Yep Loving it! but now came the stressful part of Painting Planets! My inspiration room they made vinyl printed planets, after calling several print shops I realized really quickly I could not afford to do that.. I am not an artist! and now I get to paint planets (not cartoon planets) but here goes!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Studio C

So, Once again I have to Mention Tourette’s all of my kids (except Little Princess) have Tourette. Monkey Man has this awesome tic that he says Bisque just like the Bisque guy on Studio C. Studio C is a comedy sketch show filmed at BYU (a nearby college) usually they have an age limit of 12 for there filmings. but they did a special rehearsal that kids could go to! So we jumped on the chance to go meet the cast! They even did a new Bisque sketch! (which was awesome because Monkey Man Bisqued along with him!) It was really fun. we got autographs from a couple of the cast members and saw some new fun skits that we cant wait to see on TV! her are some pictures!

Moms Iphone 067 Moms Iphone 068 Moms Iphone 069 Moms Iphone 070 Moms Iphone 071 Moms Iphone 072 Moms Iphone 073 Moms Iphone 074 Moms Iphone 075

 Moms Iphone 076

This is the view from the very back of the line! yep we were the last group to get let in!

Moms Iphone 077 Moms Iphone 078

Monday, February 3, 2014

Short hair updo

So for those of you who do not know, Baby Mermaid has Tourette’s Syndrome. Tourette is a condition that causes Tic’s right now Baby Mermaid has a very severe tic that causes her whole body to jerk back and forth, it looks like she is having a seizer. So I have to be really careful on how I place bobby pins etc. otherwise they can stab her and injure.. but she wanted an updo for church today… so this is what we came up with


 Moms Iphone 015 Moms Iphone 016

I pulled her hair into three ponys. but left her “bangs” out. Then I pulled only part of the pony through the last time leaving little turkey tails.

Moms Iphone 017

 Moms Iphone 018

Then I braided back her bangs and hooked the braids back into the  turkey tails, Moms Iphone 019

It stayed in really well and caused no injuries! yea us!