Tuesday, September 1, 2009

looped ropes!

I love this hairdo, we do it quite often, I found it on she does hair this was the first hair blog that I started following!So here she is all finished upWe started with a zig-zag part

here is the pigtails which is the base of this hairdo,

Next I put in three rope twists on each side, here is a video of how to do a rope twist for (Adrienne) those of you who asked!

We recorded this like 4 times this morning before school so I hope it is o.k. the little Princess was our photographer, I hope you get the jist of it!

Here she is with the ropes looped up and hooked with an elastic

I flat Ironed and curled the pieces and then ratted them out

Added bows and Voila!


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