Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A pretzel with puffballs (2nd day hair)

When baby Mermaid woke up this morning this is what we had! well, I don't think any of us would send our kids to school with this so we did a quick second day do on her! I took out 1 side at a time hair sprayed and combed her hair back into pigtails, then I braided the fluff down, this is just a basic braid.

Then I hooked the bottom of each braid up to the other pigtail (to get your elastic around the end of the second pigtail, put an extra elastic on the base of the pigtail before you start!)

Then we ran upstairs and curled her hair and fluffed it out a bit, I was calling these fantails but Baby Mermaid said she wanted puffballs all week and I think that is there new name!

from the front with some little bows

and the back! Your all done and out the door for school!


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