Friday, September 11, 2009

Fairy tale braid!

We did this braid on to Cool for Hair! She went to school and everyone thought that it was "cool" so I guess that it is a winner! Start by parting out a little section in the front of her head!

Section into 3 pieces
start your braid

Then pull your first piece of braid and don't add it to your braid but pull it straight threw, it helped for 2 Cool for Hair to hold it.

then I braided it again not pulling hair from the bottom,

once again I got to the place in my braid where I had to pull from the top and I pulled it all the way through not hooking it into the braid.

Just keep on repeating until you get as far as you want your braid to go!
sorry that my finger nails are so sick! I just canned a ton of salsa and I ended up having to cut and bleach my fingernails to get the orange tint out of them! LOL

Here is her hair all braided! She loved it, It looked done but not over done! I loved it that it held the hair out of her eyes!
there is a video on Youtube that shows it really well. Have fun doing hair!


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