Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Big Beach Curls

Ok, not often do you get to see pictures of my hair, one of the reasons is I had gorgeous smooth long straight hair, that was blow dry ready to go, so I never really learned how to do hair, then, Monkey man came, and I got my hair cut with a razor…I am not sure which did it to me, but when all was said and done I have really full tiny frizzy hair,  so this is my new morning  routine, I am starting with clean blown dry hair, with flat Iron conditioner/balm sprayed on it
2013-04-28 spring activitys 002So I pulled out my huge 2 inch curling iron, and started curling, 2013-04-28 spring activitys 0032013-04-28 spring activitys 004After I curled my hair, I wrapped each piece up and pinned it with a Alligator clip
2013-04-28 spring activitys 0052013-04-28 spring activitys 0062013-04-28 spring activitys 007And just keep on going till you have all of your hair curled, then go on with all of your other things to do I did all of the girls hair and then came back to mine
2013-04-28 spring activitys 012Hairspray liberally after you have it all wrapped
2013-04-28 spring activitys 023
Then when you come back take out your curls and spray again! you end up with big curly relaxed curls that I love for me!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

A New Home (the Adventure begins)

So for any of you who follow my blog know that in the past year we have moved twice, and have one more move planned this summer and then we will be in our duh duh duh “Dream Home” we had quite a bit of drama finding exactly the right lot and the right floor plan and the right price…but we think we did it!
2013-03-16 our house 0052013-03-16 our house 007
Sorry this picture is crooked! we set it on the car hood to get our first “family picture at our house!”

2013-03-16 our house 0082013-03-16 our house 013
Notice all the green, these were taken after we got the lot, and on St Patricks day, since then we have picked out all of our flooring colors finishes etc! I cant wait. now we are just tweaking our plans and having them redrawn, looks like we are about three weeks out from dig and then you will really see the pictures start! Three weeks feels like forever to wait! But it will be just as we ( Book Worm and I ) get back from Texas we are going to San Antonio for a Speech and Debate Comp that she was invited to called the National Individual Events Tournament of Champions!
Thanks for Sharing in my excitement…