Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween at our house! (costumes)

Wow, Its Halloween, what happened to October, I only did 7 or 8 hair posts this month and I am sorry, but now you know why I have been working on Halloween costumes as fast as I can. In my other life I work with a youth Theatre group as the costumer, I don't think that my kids have ever had a costume off the rack at a store, they start dreaming about what they are going to be all year long and we talk and work and think, I all ready have in a costume order for 3 kids for next year.... wait I think all 4 gave me an idea of what they wanted to be, well enjoy my pics, we sure did enjoy today! Here we are in a Halloween family pic
The little princess as Medusa,

To Cool for Hair as Mario!

Jack Sparrow, Monkey Man in the Captain Morgan pose, He made me laugh every time I went to take his picture he put his foot up on something! funny funny boy!
Here is Baby Mermaid in her Indian Princess costume
Here is the whole Chic-clips family, even my niece, "the girl with the curl" and my nephew "Daredevil" and my Baby Brother

I had a few minutes to kill before we took off for the night and so I thought that I would paint up my face just for fun.

Halloween at our house! (pumpkins)

At our house pumpkins are a big deal, this year we only carved 2 each (except for me I only carved one for my self due to the fact that I didn't buy enough pumpkins) We have done 3 or 4 each in years gone by, I love to have it dark outside and a ton of jack-o-lanterns lighting up the yard, you can hear the trick or treaters ooh and ahhh down the street! we carved these monday so they are starting to wilt sorry for the late pics its been a crazy week

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

classic flip

We did a classic flip on the little princess, I got brave and did it with my flat iron! Here I am flipping away!
see how it works, see the concentration in my face, yeah, I published this one anyway, dude I must be crazy!

from the front

with a flower to hold back her bangs

from the back, tada I am done!

Monday, October 26, 2009

smocking with a twist

Today Is Baby mermaids 8th birthday and so we thought that we would do something special, It took about 20 min but I think that with some practice we could cut some time off that! It was fun to sit and talk about why she is important to our family and why we love her so I didn't mind the time! We parted her hair into pigtails and pulled one side out of the way, then we parted out the very front, split it in two and then put that in Little pigtail, then we parted out the next section and pulled the front to pigtail back and twisted them and them hooked them into the pigtails on the same side,
Here is me half way done with the first side I think that we did 6 sets back to the base of her neck and then hooked the four little pigtails together to make two pigtails!

Here is the other side

From the front with cheese!

and the back with bows of course!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Flowers in Her Hair

We did this on her yesterday for some fancy pics... I had her hair all curled, but its early before school and I was not going to spend any more time curling hair so this is more of a straight version! It really is cute both ways Here is her hair all combed out ready to go.
so, I started by pulling chunks from the front and...

Hooking them in the back with a flower pin.
Here she is with all the pins in,

from the front

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Belle on the play ground

The girls at Redpunzel did this rocking do of Belle, I loved it but I ran out of time and I loved the way this ended up Just a little quickie but you get the idea! I think this is great for the playground or school or just fancy it up a bit for church. Here are her parts the back one is a big triangle starting on the back top of her head
back of her hair

Here are the twists from the side

we pulled the twists under the pony and hooked it with an elastic

Here we pulled the top pigtail up and pinned it up to give it a little bit of volume

Here it is from the back before we stuck in the bow so you can see how we pinned her hair down

from the top

and the front

I just had to add this bow in its my new Wubsey bow! wow wow wubsey!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Doll Hair!

Santa got nice dolls for my girls for Christmas (Baby Mermaid about 2 years ago and The Little Princess last year) well, I wanted to keep them in as good shape as possible, (baby mermaid's doll lost a head and now an arm) but as far as hair goes I learned some tips!

This is what you need, and a couple more things. If you need to wash their hair, use Windex and rinse it thoroughly! but be careful of eyes, I read that if you get doll eyes wet then they get cloudy. The little spray bottle is 1/4 fabric softener and the rest water. the brush is metal and says ANNABELLE ONLY the reason why is if you comb your hair with the brush you will get oils on it that will make your dolls hair nasty. and a towel, to help protect the dolls eyes and your lap!

Gigi from the back this is what I started with. I wish I would have taken a pic of Annabelle, She is Baby Mermaids doll... and she had five gigantic dreads with a ton of bed head and leaves and sticks stuck in it... now that is a picture to imagine!

This is Gigi from the front

so what you do is spray a tiny bit of spray (fabric softener and water) on the dolls hair where you are working, make sure you start at the bottom, get the tangles out, and then work up getting more tangles out, this could take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour,

The pic above is armless Anabelles hair done

Anabelles ends

I heard to throw away those plastic combs that your doll comes with. I didn't and Annabelle has a lot of damage on her ends from kids combing her hair and pulling to hard, just comb soft and work slow.

Here are Gigi's ends, they don't have hardly any damage, I think it helps that an 11 year old that can follow instructions is her mom.

Gigi's close up, I had her hair braided there in the front, I am hoping her hair drys flatter

here they are all done...