Monday, October 26, 2009

smocking with a twist

Today Is Baby mermaids 8th birthday and so we thought that we would do something special, It took about 20 min but I think that with some practice we could cut some time off that! It was fun to sit and talk about why she is important to our family and why we love her so I didn't mind the time! We parted her hair into pigtails and pulled one side out of the way, then we parted out the very front, split it in two and then put that in Little pigtail, then we parted out the next section and pulled the front to pigtail back and twisted them and them hooked them into the pigtails on the same side,
Here is me half way done with the first side I think that we did 6 sets back to the base of her neck and then hooked the four little pigtails together to make two pigtails!

Here is the other side

From the front with cheese!

and the back with bows of course!


Rachel said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you had a super fun day!

-Rachel and Emma (The girls at Redpunzel.) :)

Kelly said...

That's an awesome hairdo! Love it. (and the bows of course)! Happy Birthday (to the 8 year old!)

Zajcha said...

thats very cute! in a way it kind of looks like french braid piggie tails! happy birthday to baby mermaid!

Girly Do Hairstyles said...

Happy Birthday Baby Mermaid---- She has a great smile! What a cute girl.

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