Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Belle on the play ground

The girls at Redpunzel did this rocking do of Belle, I loved it but I ran out of time and I loved the way this ended up Just a little quickie but you get the idea! I think this is great for the playground or school or just fancy it up a bit for church. Here are her parts the back one is a big triangle starting on the back top of her head
back of her hair

Here are the twists from the side

we pulled the twists under the pony and hooked it with an elastic

Here we pulled the top pigtail up and pinned it up to give it a little bit of volume

Here it is from the back before we stuck in the bow so you can see how we pinned her hair down

from the top

and the front

I just had to add this bow in its my new Wubsey bow! wow wow wubsey!


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