Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Name!

So My Darling Daughter Too Cool For Hair has requested a new name. When we first started this blog she HATED to have her hair done, but now she loves it! I do her hair more fancy than the Little Princess now.... SO we will call her Book Worm from here on out! I am not going to go back through and re-name her in all my blog entrys we will just start from here!
Have a great hair day!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Fairy tail braid into a pony (easy version)

I didn't do a step by step on this one. I was just making things up as I went. I planed on leaving it long but… Too Cool For Hair wanted it up. So after I did the braid (waterfall fairy tail whatever you would like to call it) I did it the easy way (as previously posted) I pulled it up into a low pony and wrapped all my elastics with hair. It turned out really cute!hair and bows 035 hair and bows 033 hair and bows 034
hair and bows 038  Hope you enjoy and have a happy hair day!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

easy waterfall braid and dyed hair!

The kids were out of school and Baby Mermaid wanted blue hair, I was thinking of a streak here and there. I always use watercolor markers (such as crayola) and it always works so good and I have no problems. however I said sure and I was busy for a second and I would come do it in a second….. My second must of taken to long because she did it herself and needless to say its a little bit more blue than what I was expecting.
so I just French braided a skiny braid in her hair,hair and bows 009
Then I took the top section that is above the braid and loose, hair and bows 010
I hooked my finger through the braidhair and bows 012 hair and bows 013hair and bows 014
and pulled the piece through.
 hair and bows 015
So you end up with a fairytale braid or a waterfall braid with ease!  
notice the awesome blue fingers! LOL it was a lot of blue!
  hair and bows 017 hair and bows 019
Then I grab the chi and curled the blue strands that I had pulled through the braid! It turned out really cute! (and super blue)
here is a video link for the braid!