Sunday, April 18, 2010

figure 8 worm buns

Sunday is always my day to do the girls hair however I want so this was Baby Mermaids do for today!
I started by pulling pigtails to the back of her head

then i split the right pigtail in half and twisted it into a twisty thing and then twisted it around the left pigtail and back around the right to make a figure 8

then I just continued until all of her pigtails had been twisted around in the figure 8

stuck some bows on, (of course)

and your done! super easy but really cute!

she lost two teeth yesterday so we had to do a close up of the teeth!


Rachel said...

How funny! Emma lost a tooth yesterday! She's now got her two bottom middle teeth gone. We took almost the same picture- with her tongue sticking through the hole. :) Cute hair too!

Christy said...

Ooo, that's an awesome one! The finished product looks very complicated, but the instructions seem do-able... those are my favourite kind! lol

Beckstrom7 said...

I love this hairdo. I only have one question. I tried to do it to my daughters hair and I dont know what I was doing wrong but the loop would just slip right off the opposite ponytail. How did you make it stay?

Chic-Clips said...

bobby pins make it stay, also the next piece of hair that you wrap around!

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