Wednesday, April 7, 2010

More braids and pigtails day 2!

I love second day hair and its spring break, despite the snow, and Monkey Mans Birthday! I wanted something quick so we could be off to the zoo, so Baby Mermaids braids still looked o.k. a little fuzzy but I was in a hurry so I just looped the hair up into pincurl buns, they looked super cute and then I stuck our new Minnie mouse on safari (Zebra) bows in her hair! they turned out so cute that I thought that I would show ya!
Here she is after we have been to the zoo all day! they held up fairly well, I don't have step by steps because my camera was out of batteries this morning!

Here are the kids in shorts and light jackets in the snow! I couldn't resist documenting our "spring break"
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Dreamweaver braids said...

I bought satin caps for my girls at Walgreen's ($2 each) and they sleep in them to save braided styles. It greatly reduces the leftover friz, too. Hope this helps!

Ryan Family said...

Yes I bought the same cap and it works fab.
that way I can do my DDs hair the night b4 and have it look AWESOME for school the next day.

Chic-Clips said...

you guys are the best! thanks for the tips!

Amy said...

Satin pillow cases help to keep the braids less frizzy too... if the caps come off kids who toss and turn

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