Saturday, April 3, 2010

Glinda the Good Witch!

To cool for hair was Glinda in a recent production of Wizard of Oz, I had to do her hair for the 6 performances and I thought I would give you some pics, She had a HUGE crown and she had to fly so her hair had to be up so it didn't get caught in the mechanism to fly her but not up so high that her crown couldn't fit, when I first thought of Glinda I thought of long curly hair which would have been pretty, but she didn't want it yanked out when they flew her so this is what we came up with!
We started out by putting her hair in three low pigtails

she sat here for a long time holding the camera, by the time we were done with the show I could put it up in about 10 minutes if I didn't have any costume problems that I had to deal with!

then I put each pony in a pin-curl bun, I used TONZ of hairspray! it made the bun look nice and neat and keep it in under crazy circumstances, (she also had to wear a tree costume with a head sock and a jitterbug costume with a head sock so the bun had to stay!

here is a different view of her first bun

the second one done! now it looks like a long bun all the way around the back of her head, I thought I got a close up of the back of her head but we must of had a costume issue come up because I cant find it with the 100+ pics she took while sitting here!

Here she is from the front all Glinda'd out!

and from the back, you can see the harness that she has to fly with and her hair pretty well from this shot!


Ryan Family said...

Hope the show went well thanks for sharing!

IAguirre said...

Gorgeous! Very elegant style.

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