Friday, July 25, 2014

A Moustache…. part 3

So for her 3rd wall I wanted something simple, yet elegant, and girlie, to balance off the “moustache power on the Moustache wall. so once again I did a 2 foot grid around her cute arched window wall.

Moms Iphone 378 I just painted a little turquoise diamond on each of these marks, Super simple and easy.

Moms Iphone 379

Then I painted little swirls to conect each of the diamonds, I freehanded all of this because I wanted it to look hand painted and not like wall paper. I wanted it to be soft and hard to notice, and I think I got just that. a super feminine delicate wall to balance out the crazy Moustaches..

Moms Iphone 373

Moms Iphone 374

Moms Iphone 375

 Moms Iphone 376  

Then just because I am nuts for chevron we painted her ceiling fan with yellow and turquoise chevron… stay tune for the grand reveal!


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