Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I made it!

So… its been a rough couple of months. The last I wrote was clear back in August. I was really excited about our house, it was gorgeous, beautiful and bran spanking new! I am sure it still is. I drive by it occasionally and wish it good luck.
1276425_10200608041826327_430676745_oBut… as things work out. It amazes me how much the Lord has our needs and our wants in mind.
I was devastated when Edge Homes told us that they were going to break our contract,  that they would no longer wait for our one credit score to go up 8 points so we would qualify, that they, would retain our substantial building deposit… yep it was a hard time and even as I think of it now, a lump forms in my throat. How was I going to tell my kids that their dream home just fell through our fingers. The house that we had been calling home for the past 6 months was never going to be ours. We had built someone else's home. Even thinking of it now causes tears to run down my cheeks. I wanted to just delete all of the home info on the blog off. Erase this from my memory but...
The bank told us that we would qualify for a loan 20,000 dollars cheaper,  and Brian and I were determined to get our family into our home. so we went to work. looking through the internet for a home that was just right for us. We found an AWESOME realtor. who walked us through countless homes.. lots of dives, but nothing felt like home. We had just about decided on putting an offer in on one, and that day, my friend told me of a house that was coming up for sale across the street, back in our old neighborhood that we loved. (back by the blue house that we lived in 1.5 years ago) We were so excited we ran over and knocked on the door, no one answered, we stalked them. found phone numbers… we finally got a hold of them. Found out that they also had built a home with Edge and their home was going to be finished the first of December. We told them we wanted their home, but they wanted a realtor, which was fine with us. So the day they listed their home October 30th, we walked through and put an offer in. It was excepted, and we told our kids but kept it pretty low key, didn’t tell friends or even family. Until we signed the papers on Dec 6th 2013! yep we got a house!
reesersNow is it our dream home.. its 30,000 dollars cheaper (yay on my pocket book!) Its a fully finished 5 bedroom (in the colors I want? No but I don’t have to build walls) Fenced in back yard (Brian can finally get the Big Dog he has always wanted EEK!)  and its surrounded by people who love us and love my kids! We have friends here. It feels like home!….So Yes it is our dream home, just a different version of our dream home, a better version. I thank the Lord every day for knowing our hearts more than I know my own. Guiding us through tough times so we can know the awesome times… and loving us.

Well. I am back and I intend to be a better blogger this year. I intend to show you our fixer uppers as well as hair do’s as well as some awesome reviews. I hope to show you the neato things our family does. Talk about our hard times, our good times, our fun times! Just let you guys in to our everyday life. be our blog friends! Welcome to 2014!

Sunday, September 1, 2013


Not in our house… House done… waiting on loan… homeless FRIDAY
wish us luck!

Thursday, August 29, 2013


Our August has been CRAZY I am just ready to start september in our new home, in Peace (LOL) me have a laid back not busy life! well here is to wishing!
On August 2nd I got the results back on my latest Mammogram and our surgeon recommended a lumpectomy… I was assured that it was not cancer, but it may be cancer, about 40 times in our 3 minute visit with both the radiologist and Surgeon, but that I needed to get it out as quick as possible, The surgeon recommended the 5th, and I pushed it back to the 12th… I needed a few days to wrap my head around the whole thing.
Then on the way home from the Dr, the Transfer case on our car exploded, yes, if you are thinking about buying a dodge journey the transfer cases go out on them all the time we found out, don't worry its only a 1500 dollar part. and we are buying a house this month so we didn’t have any extra for that. good thing we bought Book worm a ghetto cruiser to get around in! Mom and Dad commandeered her car. and we were good for a little while, but I was worried about getting the kids to school when book worm left for college, But I had to breath and take one day at a time!
Mercedes car copy
Here is a picture of the infamous Cruiser! now the windows wont stay up! LOL
Now I drive down by my house and the Stucco is the WRONG color, I know me and my sad first world problems, but this is the outside of my house, its not something I can turnaround and paint in a couple of years… I will be looking at this color forever!
IMG_0795 (They did decide that this was not the color we chose and are fixing it for us)
Then I have my surgery! Yea me, another first! All goes well, except for some people the anesthesia makes you sick and I am one of those lucky people!
IMG_0856 IMG_0855
The best part of surgery is they put you in these neat paper gowns and then they hook them up to hot air, super cool it puffs up and your in a warm cocoon of air, I wanted to take it home and hook it up to my hairdryer!
As I was laying in bed recovering Brian (my DH) Fixed my car! He just took out the transfer case and the rear drive line, so our car is no longer All wheel drive BUT IT WORKS! how thankful I am for an amazing husband that can fix things for me!
Yeah! I’m Cancer Free!
I went back to the Dr on the 19th and was given a clean bill of health! no cancer here baby! I didn’t realize how nervous I was about that until they told me we were good to go! yes!
Then on the 21st
Brian was chopping onions when his thumb got in the way, he cut the tip through the fingernail leaving a small piece uncut, (so he almost circumcised his thumb) then we went to the insta-care to get it sewn back together, when they gave him the litocane, he passed out and had some "seizure like activity" they thought he had an allergic reaction to the meds.. so he went to the ER via Ambulance got five stitches in the back of his finger and they glued the nail… but all in all it was a very amusing night. Its true that Laughter is the BEST medicine!
But things are looking up because the house is supposed to be done on Friday with the paper work and loan ready to be signed (which is a good thing because our lease is up on Saturday… and we will technically be homeless if the house isn't ready!)
So Wish us luck, say a prayer and cross your fingers that September is no where near as dramatic as August

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

First Day of School hair 2013 (day two hair)

As all of you probably know by now, I am really lazy when it comes to hair (LOL) Don’t laugh if hair turns out cute I want to use it twice! I only wash my kids hair every other day, so this leaves me lots of 2 day hair do’s!
So we did a double waterfall braid on Baby Mermaids hair for day one
 DSC_0009 - Copy
So this was yesterdays hair! Pretty fun and it stayed in really well, So today I just combed it out to get rid of the fuzzys!
 DSC_0018 - Copy
And Braided back the back and put it in a low bun! easy peasy but super cute and quick!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

First Day of School 2013

So First off I sectioned the hair into three little sections and one big one running horizontal down her head the biggest one on the bottom and hooked them up with a clip
 DSC_0003 DSC_0006
Then I Dutch Braided the two middle sections one going from left to right the other opposite
Next I hooked both the braids under her hair with an Elastic to make a headband

  DSC_0008 - Copy  
Then I did the Easy Waterfall technique to pull back the front section, but this time I went through Both braids
DSC_0007 - Copy 
  DSC_0009 - Copy
combed out the ends and we ended up with this! I thought I got a front view inside, but I could only find this one outside in the wind!
Have fun at school Baby Mermaid!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Our House (almost done!)


IMG_0795 IMG_0819

This is not the finished color, they messed up and made our house green, can you guess what color it should be?

IMG_0829 IMG_0830 IMG_0831 IMG_0832 IMG_0836

Here are a few Sneak Peeks of our House! Our Finish Date is FRIDAY and if all goes according to plan I will show you our finish pics on FRIDAY! even if things don’t go according to plan I will show them to you! LOL

Our Dream house still going!

 IMG_0643 IMG_0644

This is our Mudroom and Kitchen!

IMG_0645 IMG_0646

Family room with a couple of kids

IMG_0647 IMG_0648

Entry way

IMG_0649 IMG_0650

Hall and front room

IMG_0651 IMG_0652

Baby Mermaids room and Closet

IMG_0653 IMG_0654

Kids Bath and Master Bedroom

IMG_0655 IMG_0656

More Master Bathroom

IMG_0657 IMG_0658 

Master closet and Laundry

Its Getting Closer! I cant wait!

Friday, August 2, 2013

My first “Real Bun”

 sumer 2013 420So we started Baby Mermaid out with WET hair sumer 2013 421  and sectioned off the front part of her hair…Why can you guys get normal pictures of your kids? My kids know these are going on the internet but still…..well keep reading if that hasn't frightened you away!sumer 2013 423
I usually put the hair into a pony and then use that as a base for my pin curls, however today we were out so I just freeformed this bun, and I loved the controll I had to make it thicker or thinner here is a link to show you how I create these curl buns sumer 2013 424 Next I took the front part of her hair and split it in half, twisting the back half in 5 pieces back into the bunsumer 2013 425Then I took the rest of the front and french braided it back into 2 braids… wrapping them around her head above the bun (and pinning with a bobby pin) sumer 2013 426Then I wrapped the ends of her braid in through the hair… Pinning where needed sumer 2013 427 sumer 2013 428 sumer 2013 429 sumer 2013 430 sumer 2013 431 sumer 2013 432
And your done!