Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Here are some pics of the Chic-Clips family except for Too Cool for Hair, she was at a Speech and Deabate competition and didn’t even dress up for Halloween!
 babymermaid 2
Here is the kiddo’s getting ready to trick-or treat
Baby Mermaid in her Viking attire
  halloween 011
the Little Princess as Rapunzel
 halloween 010
Monkey Man the Mummy
and another of all of us! I am hiding in the background getting ready for a cold trick-or-treat, Mr. Chic-Clips and I take turns every other year taking the kids around, and he always lucks out and gets warm years! We even got caught in a huge hailstorm. But, we still had a great time and even meet up with some good friends and had a blast!
oh some pumpkin pictures also!
Next time I need to make sure that I have a tripod to take pictures

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Heart Dutch braid into a pony!

I did this forever ago, (in 2009) but I have kind of mixed it up a bit, I saw a double one posted some where but I think I just prefer the simpleness off one heart braid here is a link to my last post that gives you better step by steps!
tempest tics 101
So I just did a heart Dutch braid and then put the rest of the hair into a pony tail, easy this would work great for a second day do, day one you could leave the hair in just the braid day 2 pull it into a pony!
tempest tics 103
tempest tics 105
front and back views, and of course I had to add a bow!
tempest tics 106
And her new shirt that I got from the best place ever! Stitcheroos!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Curlformers again!

Too Cool for Hair had a speech and debate competition this weekend, her first one ever! We decided on Theater hair, not knowing really what judges are looking for, she did a Duo, and got second place (she did a great job but lets admit part of that prize goes to this awesome hairdo)
 tempest tics 100Here she is from the front, we just Dutch braided her bangs back like this really easy!
tempest tics 098
from the back, once again I am wishing I only had the long pink and orange curlers!
tempest tics 099
And here she is with a bird man, My Brother is on leave from the Navy right now and he taught the kids this game, if you make eye contact when someone gives you the birdman you have to lay down wherever you are. Unless of course you block with the monocle! life is always a crazy time here! LOL

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Stacked double knots, and a bonus do to!

On Too Cool for hair we did this wicked cool double knot pony tail, we just made one low pony tied a knot to cover the elastic with a topsy tail and then did one more pony and tied a knot again, she said she had tonz of people at school asking how to do it and she didn’t even know what I had done back there! kind of funny I thought!
hair 086
sorry I didn’t get step by steps on this one! we were in a hurry in the morning!
and the little princess did her own hair and came up with this I told her I would post it cause I love the hair accessory with this one!
hair 103 hair 102
it is just a simple twist with a ostrich feather puff on the side but I love the way it balances each other out!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Double Stacked bun

Baby Mermaid wanted her hair up for school and of course being a mother of 4 in the morning our time is limited! so here is her school up do! as you can tell she is eating breakfast which is a huge No No to do hair at the table in our house but oh well!
 hair 092
I pulled the hair into two pony tails, stacked like this
hair 093
Then I pulled them into a pin curl bun easy easy, but I left a gap in-between the two buns for…
 hair 104
Yep you guessed a bow!
hair 100
and your done! here is a front shot!

Monday, October 18, 2010

super easy half bun

We did this before school one morning for Too Cool for Hair. It was super fast and turned out really cute so I thought that I would share! I just pulled the top part of her hair into a pony, and left the bottom long
Then I took the “topsy tail” and put it threw the elastic and pulled a loop of hair threw, leaving a loop (not pulling it all the way threwDSCN2193
Then I kept taking pieces and pulling them threw until I had a pretty full bun, Her hair is wet in these pictures so it looks kind of stringy but it dried more full.
Here she is with the bun done,I added bobby pins to kind of hold it where I wanted it!
and your done! really easy and quick! with a crazy face! LOL

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hike to the “Y”

We hiked as a family up to the “Y” Its a gigantic Y that is on the mountain above BYU in Provo. We heard that it is a little steep but a little was an understatement! But we made it and we didn’t die! and only a little blood was shed! but before we get to that I will show you the hairdo that I did on Too Cool for Hair!
We just did a puffy braid down the side
pulled her hair into a pony
DSCN2308 DSCN2307
and your done!
Here we are on our way up.
the kids dying! I think more exercise could do the entire chic-clips family some good! LOL
Here we are having lunch in the crack of the Y I think that the little princess had a nap!
DSCN2335 DSCN2328 DSCN2329  DSCN2331 DSCN2332 DSCN2333 
Wow It really was an awesome view and the kids agreed it was worth the hike (after the hike was over)
DSCN2357 DSCN2350 DSCN2351 DSCN2352 DSCN2353 DSCN2354 DSCN2355 We all decided to jump off this rock on the way down. We had a great time the whole way down, The kids were playing would you rather and we were laughing so hard we could not hardly walk!
and we finally got to the bottom! Time for Ice Cream! well thanks for looking at our life on line and I will see ya later!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Korean Hair Bun, Chic-Clips style!

One of my fellow hair bloggers did this hair do, of course I had to Chic-Clips it and try it! With To Cool For Hair, She has a Ballroom class and a Gym class on the same day at school and has really been enjoying the bun. So here is our version (I would link back to the original blog but I have forgotten who did it so If I stole your hairdo let me know and I will link back to you!)
so to start this hairdo its just straight wet hair easy, part it down the side and take out a section of hair and braid it (just any random section inside the parted side area!
 hair 094
then French braid the hair back braiding around the little braid sorry this picture is not the best!
hair 095
Then I pulled all the hair except for the little braid back into a pony tail, and braided the non braided hair from the left side
hair 096
Next I stuck in a chop stick that has been cut down and sharpened with the pencil sharpener, yep I just brought it home from my favorite Chinese restaurant! LOL and then I wrapped each of the braids around the chopstick one going to the right the other one to the left, and secured it with bobby pins!
hair 097
Then I took the little braid and wrapped it around and hooked it in the bun
hair 098
braided side
hair 099
and from the front, you can see where the part is from this view!
Thanks so much for sending me a link! here is my insparation!!!!! curlyqshairdos.