Sunday, May 31, 2009

Heart French braid

I have had a lot of people tell me I have good french braiding skills but it didn't start out that way. I saw this hairdo in a book at a salon and I asked the girl how to do it. she said practice and so I did! this is the hairdo that I learned how to french braid on

I know this is a weird place to start french braiding but we are going to start in the middle, back of little Mermaids head.

Now we are going to split the hair into thirds, and start braiding toward her forehead, if you need to sit in front of your child this will help,

Keep braiding until you get about an inch from the forehead.

Now as I go around the turn in the heart I move myself around her head, after a while I can do in while sitting in a chair and they are in front of me but this is how I learned. (Please ignore the face on Baby Mermaid we were having a big PlayStation competition before church)

Now as I go around the turn I take pie shaped wedges into the braid but only from the outside! the tighter you pull the more you can control how tight your turn is, if it turns to sharp loosen your braid a little bit

Keep taking pie shaped wedges I usually have to do three or four.
Here you can see a third wedge getting braided into the heart

I just keep taking hair from the outside of the heart and along the round part
now just braid out the v part of the heart as long as you want it.

Repeat on the other side and pull the two tails in and hook with elastic,

add a bow a look you made a heart french braid!

Here it is from the front That is one cute Mermaid!


Michelle and Ben said...

What kind of elastics do you use? My daughters hair always breaks off--It is thin enough as is.

Chic-Clips said...

I use elastics from Sally's beauty supply they say they are guarantied not to break hair, i always cut them out with scissors though, I freak out when my kids pull them out! but my kids have tonz of hair.

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