Tuesday, May 26, 2009

first day of summer hair!

OK this is my very first blog and I love to look at hair blogs and do my kiddies hair so I thought that I would start a hair blog... please bear with me as we work out the bugs together
So this is my baby Mermaid, on the first day of summer! we had just got back from swimming and so I thought that I would do a simple hairdo, because we had already done swimming hair today.
we will call this a diagonal french braid princesses hair

First we took a square part on the top of her head and then split it into halves diagonal

Now we braided the right side with a dutch french braid.from the front to the back

once again we did a dutch french braid, but from back to front this time

Hook the braids together in the back, I always put on a bow to cover the elastic

and voilĂ  you have princess hair with a french braid!


Adrienne said...

Ok...I love it, but now can you please explain a dutch french braid? You make it sound so simple but you have seen my girls hair...it's not so simple for me!

chic-clips said...

sure, I will show a dutch french braid tomorrow!

Pinkpagodax3 said...

I just have to say, i stumbled upon your blog when looking for hairstyles with braids and ponytails! i loved it! your doing an awsome job!

kayla said...

wow that is very unique and cute i love it and just like the other person is stumbled upon this looking for hairstyles as well lol and this is great u should seriously think of like opening up a shop i know its easier said then done but ya know lol

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