Thursday, April 29, 2010

Holy cow

guess what! we were sitting in church and someone (an awesome friend) that knows that we live in a tiny shoe box said that she knew of a home for us that is super cheep, and guess what we got it and are moving! I am so excited! it still has 3 finished bedrooms but 2 more are almost finished (a bedroom for each monkey)! could mom be any more happy! and almost twice the living space! well I am packing and moving but I will send some pics of my new digs when we get moved in next saturday!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

moderated comments!

K I just thought that I would tell ya all why my comments have become Moderated and ask all you other blogger if you have the same problem!
someone keeps putting porn links in my comments! It is really starting to tick me off! is anyone else having this issue? I love to read all of your comments except for ones that have naughty links! well I just am getting a little fed up and wanted advice from you awesome ladies out there in hairland!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

figure 8 worm buns

Sunday is always my day to do the girls hair however I want so this was Baby Mermaids do for today!
I started by pulling pigtails to the back of her head

then i split the right pigtail in half and twisted it into a twisty thing and then twisted it around the left pigtail and back around the right to make a figure 8

then I just continued until all of her pigtails had been twisted around in the figure 8

stuck some bows on, (of course)

and your done! super easy but really cute!

she lost two teeth yesterday so we had to do a close up of the teeth!

Friday, April 16, 2010

more messy buns

This do has been sitting in my files for a couple of days I have to admit I have had little on my mind this week except for Monkey Man! however he is feeling much better, and I am also! So here is little princesses hair up-do
I just split her hair into 4 ponys around her head

made all of her ponys into messy buns super easy!

stuck a flower in and we are good to go!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The mouse saga continues.....

So when I talked to you last I said that I should find out the test results on Wednesday. so Tuesday night I just sat and rubbed my little mans back, and his tummy and wiped his.....tears... and Wednesday I promised my self I would not freak out and call the doctor multiple times. I felt like I kept my promise reasonably well we laid around until about 2 and I decided to call and see if they had the results yet, they assured me they had not and that they would call as soon as they did, then at 4 I called again, at this point the nurse (not the one I like she was off on Wednesday) tells me that they are not going to be done until tomorrow. I ask her why the lab said that they would be done today and she just gets all huffy and tells me to call them myself, I tell her to give me the number and I will, and then she asked me what number I would like. K I broke my promise to remain calm at this point and said in a rather loud tone "the one to get the results" after calling the lab they had no Idea why someone would have said that they would be done on Wednesday and they really wouldn't be done until 1am. so then I wait and the doctor calls to check on Monkey Man and then the nurse that I like calls from home and tells me she will check for the labs first thing in the morning and call me back,
So...after Monkey Man woke this morning, with a little more color in his checks and a spring in his step, and a call from the nurse with the results on the tests we find out he has....Salmonella poising and its probably from the Chickens that we have in our back yard. Yep the mouse was a coincidence, the moral of this story is don't worry about chatching mice and letting them bite you just stay away from your pet baby chickens!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Easy hair for a crazy day!

here is Baby Mermaids easy hair. Why is it a crazy day..... read on.
Here she is after I braided her hair
just braided from the top, I know she is doing her homework while I braid her hair (its a crazy day)
stuck these new cute small daisies in her hair! they will be on when I get a chance (see it really is a crazy day
So...... the story of craziness!
(caution this story contains the words poo, crap, stool diarrhea, and lots of other adjectives of said words)
as I told you last week we went out to Antelope Island, we had a wonderful time but I didn't tell you the whole story because at the time it was just funny now it continues to be funny with just a hint of sad, so here goes. While there, Monkey Man and a friends little boy, who we will call Mr. Small, found a mouse. Mr Small then pointed out said mouse to Monkey Man and said "look a mouse, I will name it cheese." well now Monkey Man, thinking the mouse had a name, now he should be a pet, reached down and grabbed the mouse! How a six year old caches a mouse I have still not figured out. The mouse ends up being more wiggly than Monkey Man planed on and the mouse wiggles out of his hands. Monkey man is not to be deterred, and catches the mouse again! I still am a bit in shock that he caught it twice and makes me wonder whats the matter with the mouse and where is this kids mother or father! well cheese (the mouse) proceeds to bite my son, yes now the puke factor kicks in and don't worry mice don't carry rabies in our area I have checked! We lucked out though Monkey mans finger was not bit hard enough to break the skin. But due to the fact that this was a 6 year old boy he popped his finger into his mouth and began to suck on it on the way down to the campsite! He still says he didn't suck on it but, as every mom knows when your kid is camping and has dirty hands (except one finger) the cause of the clean finger is a good sucking on! So we continued on with our day and Friday morning I called the doctor, I figured I was good to go but just to make sure we would call the doc. Of course he said all was good but to call the health department just in case, I called the health department, and if you have never had the pleasure please plan a good chunk of the afternoon to wait and listen to all of your choices. really I think they have 7 zillion different options! well after repeating my story over and over to people and having them all say How did he catch a mouse and I wonder what was wrong with the mouse I new that we were in trouble. but after finding the right person telling the story again and hearing the expected response, she assures me all is well and we only have to worry if diarrhea comes. Phew! I can put this whole sorted mouse thing behind us....... Until Sunday after church! yep you guessed it. So we called the after hours doctor and they are not overly concerned but ask me to bring him in that evening when they have an opening. so we eat dinner and enjoy our afternoon and take him to the doctor about 8p.m. I love the after hours doc, she knows Monkey Man quite well, in fact she is the one that stitched up his chin. After telling her the story, and her asking us how he caught a mouse. in which I answer for the 1000th time I have no idea, she proceeds to check him out with a couple of bathroom breaks. by this time I am kinda freaking out, what can I say I am a mom. Well the Doctor leaves the room, for a long time, My husband (the most patient man on the face of the earth) Monkey Man and I wait, and wait, and go to the bathroom, and wait. DH says I bet they are on the Internet trying to figure out what to do with him. turns out he was right, after searching the web, calling poison control, and listing to what I told them the health department said, (why do they want to be on the phone for 8 hours to the health department.) They decide to send us with the proper equipment to collect a stool sample and take to the lab. Now as the fates would allow, my poor Monkey has probably went to the bathroom 20 times and is now in no need to go again. So we drive home (past the lab) about a half hour and by the time we pull into the driveway he is in a desperate need to go. Well the doctor told us to have him sit backwards on the toilet, and poo into one of those kidney shaped bowls that they use to catch puke at the doctors office, well armed with his rubber gloves my dear sweet husband collects the "matter" in the thing and I have the job of helping my son get off the potty, a job I will take any day! My child wouldn't wait for my help and goes to jump of and lands a foot in the toilet! So I lug my six year old up the stairs to the bathtub both of us laughing the whole way up the stairs and throw him in the tub for a quick bath before bed. I come back down the stairs and look at the little jar and notice that probably half of the stool is blood, I freak out just a bit and my husband calls the doctor to tell her the addition of this new symptom. She calls the hospital to add a couple more tests. Now I get the pleasure of driving the "specimen" back to the lab which is located at the hospital a couple of towns away. I called my mom cause it was late and asked her if she would like to drive with me to deliver the "package" she said sure and we are off, well we drive in to the emergency parking lot because the lab doors (as I have been told0 are right next to the emergency room doors. But as my luck is certainly holding out those doors lock at 9 and it is now 15 minutes after 9. so I go in to the emergency room, walking by a police man who is cuffing and stuffing some girl, wow now I am really feeling safe and super glad I am not alone in this dark parking lot! into the emergency room, where I wait in line for a chance to talk to the receptionist to ask her how to get the poo to the lab! Well it turns out I have to walk all the way around the hospital to the main doors and check in the poo, yep you heard me right the poo has to be checked in to the hospital through the admitting department, have you ever admitted poo to a hospital? I have! Well after watching the cuffing a stuffing I decide to drive around to the main doors, and I go in with my cute little jar of crap. at admitting they ask me for the patients name. I answer poo, really the patients name? its on the jar, Its on the prescription, whatever after checking in the poo, (for 15 minutes) the lady from the lab gets to walk around a get the poo, yep its like valet parking for fecal matter! and she sits down and wants to know when the sample was taken, I guess when it comes to poo freshness counts! I tell her the time and she says its a good thing that I brought it right in. I said no problem I didn't want it sitting around my house, where was I going to store it in the fridge nest to the potatoes! All I could think was it could have been fresher if It didn't need to be checked in. So I drive home drop my mom off, go home and stumble into bed, and just as I dozed of to sleep the phone rang, it was the doctors office at 11p.m. Now I was expecting a call in the morning, so I knew this could not be good, they told me that the tests were positive for blood and asked me if Monkey Man was in a lot of pain, I told them he was asleep and they said if he got to be in to much main to bring him in and they would start treatment. I said o.k. hung up the phone and then regretted it, Because when I told DH what they had said he asked me what the treatment was. Wow what a logical question, really Heather, you didn't ask what kind of treatment, classic. So, My DH calls back and since it is after 10 he can't get a hold of them. So after a night of tossing and turning I wake up to my son screaming that his tummy hurts. Now Monkey Man is a tough kid, so I know that we are experiencing real pain at this point in the game. I look at the clock and its almost 6, good two hours before I can get a hold of the doctor, so I get to work getting the girls ready for school while I am rubbing monkey mans back, the only thing that seems to ease his pain, doing hair, rubbing back, rocking monkey man  waiting for the time to pass so I can call the doctor. I drive the girls to school as I am calling the doctor, but I can't remember the name of the after hours doctor, and the number that I called is only an after hours number, so I decide to call my regular doctor, but I guess they missed something in the translation of we were at the after hours doctor last night, because of a mouse (insert whole story here with the usual answer of how did your son catch a mouse) and now he is pooing blood. and she says that the doctor comes in at 9 and she would tell him what was going on and he would get back hold of me, so I wait and wait its 10 now and I am thinking how hard is it to call someone back, I call back to the doctors office and they assure me that as soon as they get a chance the nurse will talk to the doctor and they will call me. So I wait and I wait and at 11 I call again. this time I get a nurse with a brain, she reads the notes for my child on the computer and says ohh my just one second please, this dear sweet nurse stands outside of a patients room till the doctor comes out and then tells him whats going on, and he tells her to get my child in at the next appointment, So at this point I jump in the car and drive to the doctors, thinking thank goodness someone is going to ease my child's pain, well we get to the doctors, they scratch their heads and add some more tests and a blood test and send us home telling us that they will call as soon as they know something. So they call about 3 and tell me that the blood work came back and its not normal but what they would expect for someone with severe diarrhea, and his kidneys look good so I breath a sigh of relief, they ask me to call back in the morning and find out what the rest of the test results say.

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo............................. I have called back every hour on the hour since 10 today, at 10 they told me they have the results in and it says that somethings have tested not normal, and the doctor has to read the results.she says she will have the doctor read them and call me back. BUT the doctor has not read them yet. and I am sitting here at 1:00 freaking out because someone in that office can't wait outside a door and ask the doctor to read results to find out what is the matter with my kid!

to be continued....
so as I was sitting there looking at my computer waiting for the doctor to call me back, I called my good friend J who referred me to this doctors office and related my story, I got a very weird response from her, no how did he catch a mouse, just can I call you back. She was at work and I thought whatever. she will call when she gets a chance next thing I know its my doctors nurse, the doctor that I saw yesterday was the nurse practitioner, and she said I just talked to your friend J and I looked up your test results, they ones that we have back are the blood tests that we took yesterday but the doctor would like to run blood test again and see your boy as soon as possible. FINALY I got to see our doctor! And the stupid nurse that said that we had results back that were not normal were the elevated white blood cells that we already knew about. so now I get to wait till tomorrow for the stool results and I will let you know whats going on! thanks everyone for your concern, I am sure things will be fine, but sometimes as a woman and mother you just have to vent about things and sometimes men don't want to listen to you vent over and over plus my husband has been at work so I can't always call and talk to him continually. I will let you as things continue!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

3 french braids into fantails

Spring break is almost over, but we went out to a place called Antelope Island (its an Island on the Great Salt Lake) I have lived about an hour and a half away from it for my whole life and have never been there! They have some great Mountain bike trails, (my husband is big into the biking thing) so we loaded up the kids and headed off but not before we did hair that would stay out of their eyes (its windy) when their bike helmets are off and the helmets would fit over hair so this is what we came up with for Baby Mermaid!
Here I have split the hair into three sections, one across the front and two pigtail sections

braids down the two pigtails, fantail on the one side

french braid across the front

pull the front braid back and under the fantail

hook with a clear elastic on french braid

fold into a fantail

from the front

top back view. after we got there I was so glad that we did her hair up tight because they played and played on the sandy beach! her hair was full of sand when we got home! this would be a great do for the beach!

here are the girls at sunset! it was a great fun time! (weird thing on baby Mermaids nose,it was a camera thing not a deformity we have been hiding all these years! LOL)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

More braids and pigtails day 2!

I love second day hair and its spring break, despite the snow, and Monkey Mans Birthday! I wanted something quick so we could be off to the zoo, so Baby Mermaids braids still looked o.k. a little fuzzy but I was in a hurry so I just looped the hair up into pincurl buns, they looked super cute and then I stuck our new Minnie mouse on safari (Zebra) bows in her hair! they turned out so cute that I thought that I would show ya!
Here she is after we have been to the zoo all day! they held up fairly well, I don't have step by steps because my camera was out of batteries this morning!

Here are the kids in shorts and light jackets in the snow! I couldn't resist documenting our "spring break"
Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

More braids, More Pigtails

Hey Ladies! I feel like I am back into the swing of hair doing after my couple of months of nothing but pigtails! I saw this cute do on Redpunzel and had to chic-clipify it so here goes my twist on her do! I took my kiddos up to the Children's Museum of Utah today and I could hear a ton of moms whispering to each other about her hair! Just a side note if you see one of my kids out in the world with me its o.k. to say wow cute hair how did you do that!
I pulled all of her hair into pigtails except for a square in the front and a square in the back

I french braided her square back and then split the french braid into two braids hooking them into her pigtails

tipped her head upside down and did the same thing for the back square!

added some bows of course!

and out the door we went! Hope you loved it, and thanks Rachel, the only thing we need now is for her to be a red head and she would fit in on both our blogs!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hippie Pigtails

Today Baby Mermaid requested "hippie pigtails" I think because she designed some new bows to go with her Easter outfit and her aunt gave her a headband! so this is what I came up with that used both new hair accessories. WARNING this post is over accessorized but it turned out very cute! we may start using three hair accessories on a regular basis LOL
I started a french braid here in the center of her part going toward her ear,
I already have the other side done.


this is where I finished off her braid,

I left the rest of her hair long, Oh by the way I bought some Tresemme conditioner LOVE it! It leaves her hair so smooth!

Here she is with her cute bows that she designed you can see them here at Chic-Clips Chic-Clips and her rocking hippie headband!

and here she is flashing us a peace sign I guess this was a good version of Hippie Pigtails!
thanks for looking

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Glinda the Good Witch!

To cool for hair was Glinda in a recent production of Wizard of Oz, I had to do her hair for the 6 performances and I thought I would give you some pics, She had a HUGE crown and she had to fly so her hair had to be up so it didn't get caught in the mechanism to fly her but not up so high that her crown couldn't fit, when I first thought of Glinda I thought of long curly hair which would have been pretty, but she didn't want it yanked out when they flew her so this is what we came up with!
We started out by putting her hair in three low pigtails

she sat here for a long time holding the camera, by the time we were done with the show I could put it up in about 10 minutes if I didn't have any costume problems that I had to deal with!

then I put each pony in a pin-curl bun, I used TONZ of hairspray! it made the bun look nice and neat and keep it in under crazy circumstances, (she also had to wear a tree costume with a head sock and a jitterbug costume with a head sock so the bun had to stay!

here is a different view of her first bun

the second one done! now it looks like a long bun all the way around the back of her head, I thought I got a close up of the back of her head but we must of had a costume issue come up because I cant find it with the 100+ pics she took while sitting here!

Here she is from the front all Glinda'd out!

and from the back, you can see the harness that she has to fly with and her hair pretty well from this shot!