Saturday, June 6, 2009

worlds most AWESOME curlers!!!!!!!

We had Family pictures this week and This is the Hairdo that I did for The Little Princess! I wanted the girls hair long, but not in their faces and not scroungy so this is what we did! I thought that I would warn you this is a plug for Curlform curlers they are by far the best curlers I have ever used and also the fastest for me to put in and take out!

I started parting the hair from ear to ear, The hair is wet of course!

Then, I braided it from ear to ear, and then I put an elastic on the braid onto the hair on the nap of her neck to hold it down (like a headband)

Here is a better pic of me braiding oh yeah, I only took hair from the front of her braid so that the braid sat back on her part!

So what you do is put the hook threw the curler, hook the section of hair that you want curled, and then pull it into the curler!

This another picture of me putting a curler in, super easy, I am hoping that To Cool for Hair can learn to put these in on her own this year for show choir!

Here she is in her Curlers, My kids wear these everywhere! I have had them wear them to school when they had a Theater performance that night, they are quite the hit!

To take them out is very simple, so easy that lots of times the girls will take them out of their own hair, you just hold on to the top where it is spring loaded and squeeze and then pull the curler strait and out at the same time!

Tada add a flower, and of course Hairspray and you are done!


Kelly Ann said...

those curlers are awesome, i have to get me some!!!! you have quite the talent, and your girls are so lucky (my mom hated doing my hair :P). i can't wait to try some of these fun ideas on my own little princess. thanks
kelly cope

J&L GRAHAM said...

Where can I get some of these curlers?

Mer (Lulu's Mommy) said...

I want to know where to get these, too!!!

Chic-Clips said...

I got mine at sallys my favorite place to shop besides walmart!

J&L GRAHAM said...

Thank You...I found them and they are called Curlformers. I had a hard time finding them because you put that they were called colorformers haha. So glad you told me where to find them at:)

Chris and Amy Jackson said...

I just bought these curlers the other day (for me) I have long thick hair and I love to have it curly. They were really easy to do on my own hair and I couldn't believe how well my hair held up the curl.

Chic-Clips said...

sorry I lied about the name! I threw away the package and I was going by memory! maybe I should sleep more and do hair less! LOL

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