Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Corn rows into a bun

So, my Husbands cousin got married and we got to go to the wedding, So of course for me that means fancy hair... for the little princess we started with cornrows into a pony, http://chic-clipshair.blogspot.com/2009/06/corn-rows-into-pony-tail.html except, I put the pony on the side more. Next, I braided all the hair in the pony, there is only 4 dutch braids the rest are just regular braids
then I started taking all the braids and wrapping them into a bun. I have to plug a product again! I love Sally's hair supply bobby pins they have short ones that work great on little girls hair and you don't have big bobby pins sticking out every which way!

Here is me wrapping the hair around my finger,

More wrapping

then I take the wrap off my finger hold it close to her head and hook a bobby pin close to the scalp, taking a second bobby pin and putting it in from the other side and crossing it to make a X

add a flower and there you go!

from the back,


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