Thursday, June 25, 2009

ladder pigtails

This is a "ladder in the back pigtails" Baby mermaid was my model and I had seen a girl at
wal-mart with hair kinda like this and so I thought I would put my spin on it and try it out! I parted out the bottom section and pulled it into a elastic on the left side
Then I parted out the next section and pulled it into an elastic on the right side!

now when I did the third section on the left side I pulled the bottom pigtail into it and the fourth section on the right side I pulled the second section into it

I hope her head is tilted and my parts were not that messy! (gasp)

Then I pulled the top into two pigtails and hooked the ladders into it!

It really was an easy do and here it is with bows of course! these bows are just newly listed on my Etsy site check them out if you want!


SugarandSpice said...

My daughter just lost her other font tooth too! Aren't they so cute with those teeth missing? I don't kow why, but I find it endearing:) And yeah... I think the length of my daughters hair plays a part in me not being able to do the whole "Messy Bun" thing. I also think it's because I spend so much time trying to get it to be perfect and Hairspray it into place that the logic of the messy bun escapes me. LOL

SugarandSpice said...

Oops, I spelled front wrong in my last post! It drives me nuts when I post a comment with mis-spelled words!!!!!!!

Chic-Clips said...

I love missing teeth! they are so cute!

Iolanthe's Mom said...

I didn't realize that the owner of the awesome etsy shop I stumbled across was a hair blogger, too! I just gave you a shout out on mine, my kiddo LOOOOOOOVES the bows.

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