Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rope Pigtails

I realized that I had been doing a lot of braids lately so I thought that I would do something else! I do this hairdo with braids all the time and someone asked me how I did it so you can sub the ropes with braids if you want to!

So, Here is baby Mermaids hair divided into six sections three on each side of center, Then I put the middle section up into pigtails. They are high pigtails in the middle of this section.

Next I put the other 4 sections into ropes by twisting, you just section it into 2 sections and twist the hair to the right and then twist the sections together to the left! Remember to twist them opposite directions to make the ropes!

Now that we have our ropes done then we cross the front ropes and the back ropes and hook them with elastic into the pigtails.

Now I take out the elastics on the bottom of the ropes and comb them out. you could be done at this point, but it is really windy outside and she wants to play outside so I am going to continue so her hair isn't blowing in her face!
now I hairspray and wet down her hair with detangler and split the pigtail into two sections and turn them into ropes!

of course I add bows and Your done! pigtail ropes!


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