Tuesday, May 14, 2013

National Tournament of Champions!

National Tournament Of Champions!
So This week Book Worm had the amazing opportunity to go to San Antonio Texas for a speech and Debate Tournament! It was an Invitational, so we felt very excited to be able to go, and she was one of only 2 people from Utah to be invited! This is one of the reasons I have been slacking on the Hair Blog, I have been the Team Mom for our Speech and Debate Team and have logged just over 300 hours this year!
That being said we had a blast! It was just her and I and we laughed and joked and talked about the future and her plans (as she is graduating High School next week!) Here are just a few of our silly pictures of us enjoying San Antonio, the Humidity and all the sunshine!
We got to Spend a good amount of time just hanging out! and of course Book Worm loves to read, and we did just that by the pool!310060_10200695022011419_1894297999_n969830_10200695020371378_765389887_n
Mike, one of our great friends who has Tourettes Syndrome, (just like Baby Mermaid and Monkey Man) did the Stain glass work on the San Antonio LDS Temple and all we could say is Kudos, If you ever get a chance to see this temple, you should go out just for the Stain glass!

The River walk in San Antonio was one of our favorite places, we must have spent 4 or 5 hours walking around, laughing, Talking, and eating! The Alamo was also amazing, but we were a bit giggle-e, and I think they were a bit irritated with us! (we didn’t laugh inside, just on the grounds)
Roswell NM was one of our favorite stops, It is the most interesting place ever, if just for the corporate logo-ing the whole city has taken on the Alien theme, we loved it though we have to admit that we are still skeptics at heart!
Pictures of the Debate competition and also getting ready for the comp, a debaters work is never done, and why I am sitting by a Verna sign, Sigh if I were to pick my own name it would be Verna Modbunny.
Here are just some of the random fun pictures that we wanted to share!
we Love to stop and take pictures at road signs! I know its weird!472842_4931992980476_1001295458_o
and Last but not least Book Worm wanted to visit/serve in every LDS temple in Utah and Monticello was our last one!
Chic-Clips Hair

Friday, May 10, 2013

blah blah bun

I Love the briaded buns so here ya go, it’s a basic braided bun, 3 braids wrapped and pinned
2013-04-28 spring activitys 015
2013-04-28 spring activitys 0162013-04-28 spring activitys 0172013-04-28 spring activitys 0182013-04-28 spring activitys 0192013-04-28 spring activitys 020

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Wavy Curls with my clipless

So for Book worm goes to prom I used my Clipless curling wand (that I love) but it was super cute ringlets today I am doing soft wavy curls with the same curling Iron
2013-04-28 spring activitys 014
So Here is little Princess getting ready for church,
2013-04-28 spring activitys 025
I am half done..
2013-04-28 spring activitys 027
Self Portrait because I had to run for a second
2013-04-28 spring activitys 028
The only difference between the two curls is the amount of hair that I picked up, for ringlets I took about a 1/8th of the amount of hair, for the wavy curls I took a big section
2013-04-28 spring activitys 029
2013-04-28 spring activitys 030
So after we got done curling I sprayed her hair, let it dry and then had her flip it upside down and shake, then when she stood back up it looked like this
2013-04-28 spring activitys 0312013-04-28 spring activitys 032
Which was the look she was wanting! Yeah a happy teen!
2013-04-28 spring activitys 033
So I pulled back her “bangs” with a tiny french braid and then pulled hair over the top and pinned it to hide the elastic!
2013-04-28 spring activitys 034
and your done! thanks again