Friday, May 3, 2013

Super easy French Braid bun!

Ok so todays do was super easy if you have a Topsy tail, remember you can pick these up for super cheap on Ebay!
2013-04-30 spring activitys 0012013-04-30 spring activitys 002
After your normal Dutch Braid you just stick your topsy tail all the way up under your braid and pull the a tail of your french braid up under the braid,
2013-04-30 spring activitys 0032013-04-30 spring activitys 004
Now Baby Mermaids hair is super long so the tail stuck up out of the top of her braid, so we went up just a bit and stuck the topsy tail down this time under the braid
2013-04-30 spring activitys 0052013-04-30 spring activitys 006
and pulled the hair all the way down and under, I didn’t get a side view but this stayed in super good all day no bobby pins and a ruff day of play at school, it would be great for the beach or the pool!


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