Friday, June 25, 2010

Organic Bun.

So right now I am working on a quick two week workshop with our Youtheatre group, and My two oldest have been teaching, so... To cool for hair requires a up do to keep her hair off her neck! I guess you have a hard time chasing 25 5-8 year olds with a sweaty neck! I did this up do and loved it It was really loose and kinda flowey looking but stayed in well all day! best of both worlds!
So I started by pulling the bottom part of her hair into a pony by doing a twisty type thing (not my specialty)
Next I just started grabbing hair and doing weird things with it (twists ropes braids whatever)
I just hooked them to the pony with an elastic
here all of her hair is back into a pony

side, view

other side
I have been doing this bun a lot lately, its super easy! I take the pony (or piggies) braid it and then....

tie it in a knot!

hook it with bobby pins to secure it
and you have an easy summer do for a teen that is a tiny bit fussy with her hair! but this gets the too cool for hair seal of approval!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

our New HOUSE!!!!!

Sorry it took me so long to get pics up! I thought that moving here would be a breeze! We doubled our square footage, but we still don't seem to fit! LOL It looks like we will have to hold a yard sale!

Here are the kiddo's on the front lawn

close up of the kiddo's
silly photo! we have to take a couple of these to get a semi decent one of monkey man! He is a crazy little guy!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hair tragedy part deux

once again hair tragedy has struck my life! Baby Mermaid has decided to donate her hair to Locks of Love, However thrilled I am to have my children give such a selfless gift to little children who really need this gift! I feel so selfish in thinking that I need it to!
Here she is with her long hair!
after the big chop, I asked for them to take 8 inches I think they took more like 10, or we have different rulers! LOL
In the car on the ride home!

on our porch sporting her short hair!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day camp hair

For day camp Baby mermaid said that she wanted braid bun things that are funky. so This is what I came up with. They were not what baby mermaid had in mind but they were a head turner all day at camp. I had so many comments about how cute her hair was! and they stayed in great all day in the wind and dirt threw hikes and skits! it was a great do!
so I separated her hair into three parts from front to back, her bangs part (four braids from ear to ear)separated
Her pigtail part ( pigtails with three braids each pigtail)pigtails
and the bottom part (four braids again from ear to ear) I started with wet hair and lots of pomade to keep the wispys in the braids!

She was getting sick of sitting there! put that shows the pomade that I use!

so I hook the front and back braids into her pigtails by crossing the far ones and pulling the center ones straight up but you could cross all of them or whatever!hook

then I looped all the braids so the elastics were all together! the loops are NOT even I wanted the elastics to be together to help hold the buns in!

then I ratted and flat Ironed the ends to make it funky stuck some bows in

added a little silly girl

from the back!

and she had a wonderful time at day-camp! oh by the way! see that cute backpack, I love it and got it at  stitcheroos
well hope you enjoy doing your hair!

Monday, June 14, 2010

braids and pigtails......shocking!

So here is a braided hairdo again its braids and pigtails...... shocking I know!

So I put the hair in pigtails except for the front part which I braids from center to side.

then I wrapped each braid under the pigtail on the side that the braid is located and hooked it into the opposite pigtail with an elastic
Added some bows cause you know that's what I do!
And there ya have it a really easy 10 minute do with just a touch of spice!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Double Braides headband

So I started this hair do, by parting the front "bang section down the middle and then into four sections,
Then I braided from the front section to the back section, and then made a really long braid that reached all the way around her head

then I laid the long braid under her hair, and started braiding the opposite sections still continuing the really long braid

then I put a clear elastic on the end of the braid (after I had braided all four sections) and secured it with a bobby pin, under some hair
from the top

and the side

with cheese!

Friday, June 11, 2010

braids, messy bunn

Wow, What a wirl wind my life has been this year! Well, we are all moved, however boxes still abound. I found my camera saturday and I have some hairdo's from the last couple of weeks on it so I guess I will get

I just braided her hair back on one side

here is a pic of her hair braided back

then I pulled her hair into a side pony,

then I just put it in a pin curl bun with the ends kinda funky and sticking out! and your done!