Friday, June 25, 2010

Organic Bun.

So right now I am working on a quick two week workshop with our Youtheatre group, and My two oldest have been teaching, so... To cool for hair requires a up do to keep her hair off her neck! I guess you have a hard time chasing 25 5-8 year olds with a sweaty neck! I did this up do and loved it It was really loose and kinda flowey looking but stayed in well all day! best of both worlds!
So I started by pulling the bottom part of her hair into a pony by doing a twisty type thing (not my specialty)
Next I just started grabbing hair and doing weird things with it (twists ropes braids whatever)
I just hooked them to the pony with an elastic
here all of her hair is back into a pony

side, view

other side
I have been doing this bun a lot lately, its super easy! I take the pony (or piggies) braid it and then....

tie it in a knot!

hook it with bobby pins to secure it
and you have an easy summer do for a teen that is a tiny bit fussy with her hair! but this gets the too cool for hair seal of approval!


Shaunells Hair said...

That girl has a serious amount of hair! That is one of the biggest braids I've ever seen. :) But it's beautiful! I love seeing what ideas you've cooked up!

Chic-Clips said...

the braid does look a little big! LOL we have a good amount of hair at our house!

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