Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ropes and Braids bun

Todays Hairdo on The Little Princess will be a super quick hairdo that you can do up before school no problem!
hair dos 050
First an easy two pony's close to each other in the back, leaving the front “bangs” out
hair dos 051
Now Dutch braid the bangs back on both sides and rope braid the ponies!
hair dos 052
Wrap one of the ropes around the other one and secure with pins
 hair dos 053
fill in the center with the second rope
hair dos 054
Wrap the braids around the bun securing with pins
hair dos 055
and your done! I didn’t get a front view! Sad

Friday, June 1, 2012

Double waterfall Braid

This is a tutorial for a double waterfall braid, done the easy way! cause I am a cheater when it comes to waterfall braids and no one has to know, unless I tell you all on my blog!_DSC0001
so I start by sectioning out the top part of her hair and then do four Dutch braids starting at the front and ending in the back, I am not super fussy about the parts because they are going to be hidden anyway!
After I have all four braids done..
I braid them into one braid, going down the back of her hair just to finish it off
Then this is where it gets easy, just section out the very front piece of hair and put it through the first section of braid, on both the top and bottom braid using your topsy tail, _DSC0005_DSC0006_DSC0007_DSC0008_DSC0009_DSC0010
Keep pulling a small section at a time until you have all of your hair through
And your done!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

tied pigtails

These are so simple, I really should have just done a video to show you but with baby Mermaids Touretts it stresses her out and then we have crazy jumping coughing etc..so here are step by step pictures!
hair and st patrics 792
Section out the very front piece of hair and have your darling assistant hold it,
hair and st patrics 793
Then take the same piece from the other side,hair and st patrics 795
and hook it to the piece from the other side where you want your pigtail to start
hair and st patrics 796hair and st patrics 799hair and st patrics 801
then you just repeat hooking it on the other sidehair and st patrics 805hair and st patrics 806
Then you take the next section, across and under the pigtail to hook on the far pigtail
hair and st patrics 807hair and st patrics 808hair and st patrics 809hair and st patrics 810
Keep going and your done!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Violet Bouregaurd!

Our Little Baby Mermaid was Violet in Willy Wonka, and I just have to brag a bit! she did such a great job! we were so proud!hair and st patrics 120

Here she is with her mother and Willy Wonka,hair and st patrics 537

Here she is getting tempted by the gumball

hair and st patrics 546

Starting to blow up

hair and st patrics 550

Getting bigger

hair and st patrics 551

And Bigger until she finally popped!

hair and st patrics 738

Here is The Little Princess as a oompalompa


hair and st patrics 482

and Monkey Man as a oompalompa

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Half a Knot and curls

Little Princess wanted her hair curly and pulled back to show off her new “glasses” so I just did this super easy do..hair and st patrics 833
I just pulled back the bangs, got out the topsy tail and wrapped her elastic with hair,
hair and st patrics 834hair and st patrics 835
Then I pulled out the curling Iron (yep I kinda went back to the Iron for this one not the chi) and curled her hair super quick, and your done!

Friday, March 30, 2012

sideways braid (Kristal this is for you)

hair and st patrics 836
So I started with fresh clean dry hair on Baby Mermaid for this one, hair and st patrics 837
Then I did a sideways braid down from the front to right above her ear on the other side
hair and st patrics 838
I kept braiding her hair until I just had a little end then I secured it with a rubber band, next I folded up the end of the braid, and secured it with bobby pins, remember this is Baby Mermaid so we hooked bobby pins in every loop of her braid crossing, so its in really tight
hair and st patrics 839
Then we took the end and slipped it through the braid with our topsy tail (I could have used my fingers if I didn’t have such a useful tool. Then I just bobby pined the ends back down the bottom, you cant even see them they are under the first braid,
hair and st patrics 840
and your done!
hair and st patrics 841

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

More Braids and buns

violet hair 001Baby Mermaid wanted her hair up for church so I decided to try a bunch of pigtails all over the back of her head to see if I could get that “modern Bride” big hugeo bun on the back of my head look, and guess what It worked! So I started by dutch braiding her hair back into two, just to her ears and then finishing off the braid down to the ends,violet hair 002Next I put her hair in 7 random pigtails all over the back of her hair, this really created a nice base for her hair to be pinned to, I like to do all of my pincurl buns on a ponytail base, for my kiddos because I think they stay in better and my kids are pretty active. especially Baby Mermaid with her tourettes, her hair has to be solid.violet hair 003This picture you can see where I hooked her braids just to keep them under the bunviolet hair 004Then I started rolling her hair and adding bobby pins to keep it looking full,violet hair 006Just keep going and your done! violet hair 005
Here is some cheese to start off your day!