Tuesday, March 27, 2012

More Braids and buns

violet hair 001Baby Mermaid wanted her hair up for church so I decided to try a bunch of pigtails all over the back of her head to see if I could get that “modern Bride” big hugeo bun on the back of my head look, and guess what It worked! So I started by dutch braiding her hair back into two, just to her ears and then finishing off the braid down to the ends,violet hair 002Next I put her hair in 7 random pigtails all over the back of her hair, this really created a nice base for her hair to be pinned to, I like to do all of my pincurl buns on a ponytail base, for my kiddos because I think they stay in better and my kids are pretty active. especially Baby Mermaid with her tourettes, her hair has to be solid.violet hair 003This picture you can see where I hooked her braids just to keep them under the bunviolet hair 004Then I started rolling her hair and adding bobby pins to keep it looking full,violet hair 006Just keep going and your done! violet hair 005
Here is some cheese to start off your day!


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