Friday, March 30, 2012

sideways braid (Kristal this is for you)

hair and st patrics 836
So I started with fresh clean dry hair on Baby Mermaid for this one, hair and st patrics 837
Then I did a sideways braid down from the front to right above her ear on the other side
hair and st patrics 838
I kept braiding her hair until I just had a little end then I secured it with a rubber band, next I folded up the end of the braid, and secured it with bobby pins, remember this is Baby Mermaid so we hooked bobby pins in every loop of her braid crossing, so its in really tight
hair and st patrics 839
Then we took the end and slipped it through the braid with our topsy tail (I could have used my fingers if I didn’t have such a useful tool. Then I just bobby pined the ends back down the bottom, you cant even see them they are under the first braid,
hair and st patrics 840
and your done!
hair and st patrics 841


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