Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Side pony with a braid!

Baby Mermaid wanted a side pony today so this is it! so I parted her hair on the side and pulled one side into a pony. I admit this was a little high but it all came out in the end
Then I braided the rest of her hair around her head

and hooked the end onto the pony on the side

stuck a bow on there and we were out the door!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

modeling contest for all of your adorable little ones!

Hey everyone! I am so excited about this! My friend at sticheroo's is sponsoring a modeling contest for little ones! She makes the cutest outfits and tutu's Guess what My bows will be there also! Me Too! So I am telling ya, go enter your teeny tiny's and come get free stuff and maybe even bows! for more info you can go to Cheepshots website or my pals stitcheroos!

Shorty cornrows

Here is a hair do for short hair
I parted out the front of the Little Princesses hair and split it into eight sections

I braided each section back in a dutch french braid (we call them cornrows) If I am wrong in calling them that feel free to tell me as I do not know what the difference is and I would love to!
Then I curled all of her hair under hairsprayed to my hearts content, and then I fluffed it up ( the picture does not do it justice is really was very pretty. I was going to fold the braided ends up and make fantails or Heart buns but the Little Princess said I was done! So I stoped

Here she is from the front

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Another Sunday Do!

For all of you who don't know me.... which I have to say is probably most, I have fairly severe Insomnia, and my dear sweet husband who makes me go to bed just got put back on a rotating shift, so I have almost survived my first week of swings, 6pm till 6am and I got to sleep in this beautiful Sunday morning so I needed something quick but still kinda impressive! I have to admit I am kind of a church hair showoff! so this is what we did. I put her hair into a straight hair headband, by parting it on the side and...

Hooking it under her hair like this

Then I sectioned out a 1inch wide section that was right behind her headband

Dutch braided that on the same part as the front... Then I took out the rest of her hair (I had it clipped to keep it out of the braid) and curled the ends

from the front

and the back with a bow of course! you can find this bow on chic-clips

and the top

Friday, September 25, 2009

french braids (2nd day hair)

This is our second day hair, yesterday we did a Braided bun with fantails and today I took out the pony tail and then re-braided the front part of her hair again, then I split the back into pigtails and french braided them down, when I got half way down, I pulled the braid from the front into the french braid and then just continued all the way to the bottom.
Here is a pic of me adding the front braid to the french braid!
side view
back view, I should really go to bed earlier that is one crooked part!

from the front! what a cute baby Mermaid
in the back with puff balls
I love these bows they are one of my faves!
For all of you who are waiting with baited breath for pics of our school pic hair.... Its not going to happen, To Cool for Hair just had a fairytale braid in her hair. Then with the crying and the curling and the spraying and the trying to find a clean (dress code) shirt for baby mermaid, I found out that morning that she had been putting her school shirts back into her drawers dirty so she didn't have to carry them to the laundry! Well, needless to say I didn't take pics of their hair before they went out the door.... but don't worry I will no doubt be getting retakes so I can have a pic of Baby Mermaid with a clean shirt on!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Braided bun with fantails

Here is Baby Mermaids do yesterday, She had just washed it but for some reason it still felt nasty so I wanted it pulled up! I did a Zig-zag part on the side of her head and french braided that back to her pony tail
Then I did the other side

Then I braided the back hair into 3 braids, I did leave the tails of upbraided hair kinda long for the fantails

looped them up and hooked them with an elastic, ratted out the hair to add some volume

Here it is from the top, with a bow of course, I love the way that the braids look coming off of the zig-zag part

See, ya we are off to school! Tomorrow is picture day so that should be interesting!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Short hair punky piggies

We wanted something a little punk rock for Little Princess today, and I have to admit I took this hairdo off of Disney's Ice Princess, The mean girl that skates had ratted out pigtails, and I thought that we would try it! Little Princesses hair is so short that we sectioned the back into four sections Then we pulled them into puffy braids

Then we pulled the puffy braids into the pigges and kinda ratted them a bit just to make them way full, then we smoothed down the tops so they looked cute
Added some cute punk bows that you can find on Chic-clips and your done! this of course would work on longer hair also, its just harder to find do's for your short haired girlies!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Backwards Day

Baby Mermaid wanted her hair in a pony tail on her forehead for backwards day, or her hair all combed into her face and then sun glass on to hold it in place, All I could see was my cute little girl pushing her hair out of her face all through school and then a huge rats nest to comb out when she got home so we came up with this little do, We did to french braids and started at the bottom and worked up "backwards"

Then when we got to the top we braided the hair all the way to the ends and wrapped it up and made cute little buns.

of course we added some bows. Here is the view from the top!

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Friday, September 18, 2009

Spirit Hair

The kiddos go to a school that is K-12 so we had a fun and exciting week of spirit at our school for Homecoming, today was spirit day and because our schools colors are red white and blue we thought that we would color our hair, I just have them lay their head on a book and then cover the book with a piece of paper, I grab the good ole crayola markers and color away!
baby mermaids hair is super long, so it took a lot longer, I like to color hair like this because it washes out really easy, It leaves your hair shiny and smooth unlike spray colors, after you color it with a marker you can still comb it and braid it whatever you want!

Here she is with here "spirit streaks" done

The Little Princess with her hair done!

Monkey Man with his color!

Baby Mermaid with her hair done!

Faces Painted ready to go!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

braid into a side pony

Yea, after having my computer down for over a week, after putting in a new mother board & power supply, and then having a guy come and put in a new processor (thanks Dell) I love a computer under warranty! I can finally post some new do's So, I french braided the side of to Cool For Hairs hair,

Then I pulled the rest of her hair into a side pony tail, and hooked the end of the braid into the pony,

TaDa! an easy quick do for a school day!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Fairy tale braid!

We did this braid on to Cool for Hair! She went to school and everyone thought that it was "cool" so I guess that it is a winner! Start by parting out a little section in the front of her head!

Section into 3 pieces
start your braid

Then pull your first piece of braid and don't add it to your braid but pull it straight threw, it helped for 2 Cool for Hair to hold it.

then I braided it again not pulling hair from the bottom,

once again I got to the place in my braid where I had to pull from the top and I pulled it all the way through not hooking it into the braid.

Just keep on repeating until you get as far as you want your braid to go!
sorry that my finger nails are so sick! I just canned a ton of salsa and I ended up having to cut and bleach my fingernails to get the orange tint out of them! LOL

Here is her hair all braided! She loved it, It looked done but not over done! I loved it that it held the hair out of her eyes!
there is a video on Youtube that shows it really well. Have fun doing hair!