Sunday, September 27, 2009

Another Sunday Do!

For all of you who don't know me.... which I have to say is probably most, I have fairly severe Insomnia, and my dear sweet husband who makes me go to bed just got put back on a rotating shift, so I have almost survived my first week of swings, 6pm till 6am and I got to sleep in this beautiful Sunday morning so I needed something quick but still kinda impressive! I have to admit I am kind of a church hair showoff! so this is what we did. I put her hair into a straight hair headband, by parting it on the side and...

Hooking it under her hair like this

Then I sectioned out a 1inch wide section that was right behind her headband

Dutch braided that on the same part as the front... Then I took out the rest of her hair (I had it clipped to keep it out of the braid) and curled the ends

from the front

and the back with a bow of course! you can find this bow on chic-clips

and the top


ChallenCharms said...

I'm lucky if I can plait my own hair - you're very talented :)

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