Thursday, December 31, 2009

Topsy tail braid and giveaway!

For this hairdo it is super easy and I always get a lot of "how did you do that" and "that is really neat" so I thought that I would share! The other reason that I am showing this hairdo is I am giving away a "Topsy Tail" It is not that brand, in fact I don't know what brand it is because I don't read chinese but you can win one at the end of this post!

So I parted her hair from her ears forward and then started taking out small square sections and hooking them with clear elastics after you do the first one flip it through with you Topsy tail

Then move on to you second one! hooking the first tail in with the second, and just keep on going till you get all the way across the front of her head!

Here is what it looks like when you are all the way done with the "braid"

of course we added a bow and we were done!
Now for the fun part to win a "Topsy tail"
put in your first comment the best Christmas present you got!
second comment your favorite thing about new years!
then if you blog about my giveaway or my blog you get a 3rd comment,
and if you facebook or twitter about me you get a 4th
you can do the 3rd and 4th every day until the giveaway is over on... January 5th why the 5th who knows! now WIN!!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

day five hair challenge!

This is day Five, this will be the last day of my hair challenge but to tell you the truth she wore her hair like this for 2 days! wahooo! I feel like a hair recycler to the max!

So we took her hair out of the french braided bun and It would of looked similar to this but I cheated, washed her hair and triple barrelled it while we were watching t.v. but You could still get the same look by just upbraiding hair and touching up with a crimper or triple barrel, I just couldn't deal with dirty hair any more! LOL

If you remember we had a crooked part to start with so I just took a square off of that part and then the two side sections, hooked them up in elastics, and then pulled them through with a Topsy tail! easy peasy!

Here she is from the front! thanks for reading my hair challenge for the week! I had a great time and I hope to do this again soon!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hair Challenge day 4

Merry Christmas Everyone! I took a couple of days off of my computer to spend time with my family but I am back and excited to show you the next step
Here is what she looked like when I started, (I had unhooked the cross braids) at this point I think that her hair could use a wash but we are going to do a 4th day just for fun!
I have showed you this hairdo before but I thought this would be perfect, we already had braid bumps and this would keep it out of her eyes and off her neck and disguise the dirtiness of her hair, I also added a bow on the top, but I was in a hurry and only got this one shot, sorry!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Day 3 hair challenge!

Here is the picture of her hair day three before we started

Yuck! glad I do my kids hair in the morning!

I just re combed her hair and put in new elastics, this time though I just put in the four pigtails I didn't hook in the top to the bottom ones...yet

Now I took the top pigtail braided it in two, and then hooked the braids to the bottom pigtails by crossing the middle ones!

Added bows of course!

and here she is out the door for the day!

Monday, December 21, 2009

my hair challenge day 2

I know how busy the holidays are and if your like me you are running a mile a minute but I still wanted my little girlie to look cute so I thought I would do a hair challenge!
I wanted to see how many days I could recycle a hair do, so this is day 2,

Day one hair after she woke up, I didn't get a picture of day one! sorry, but it was just a crooked part with long hair in the back and little pigtails with bows,

Now I have re-combed day one hair and am starting on day 2

I kept the crooked part going and put it in low pigtails

added some big Christmas bows

and she was out the door
see ya tomorrow

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas at the Allreds!

There will be no christmas cards this year I was to lazy, but here are the pics we had taken! Enjoy and have a great christmas!

Monday, December 14, 2009

pigtails, diamonds and a hauser or two

Here is baby Mermaid in her new Christmas outfit, for some reason I have wanted a sock monkey shirt and bows and I finally got this adorable shirt from
I love it and of course I had to make some bows! but on to the hair!

I parted out four little braids in the front and four in the back, then I took most of the hair and made two big pigtails

This is how I pulled the braids into the pigtails, instead of weaving them like I usually do I just pulled the outside straight up and the center ones crossed to the opposite pigtails, It was easy!

Here is a view from the top, but  it shows the hair really well!

With the bows, I just love the brown and red of these bows!

And one cute little monkey! Thanks for reading my blog!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

mouse ears with junk

So Here is Baby Mermaid, we must be running late because Baby Mermaid has a coat on, but to be honest I just found these pics on my hard drive. so who knows!

I parted a triangle of hair and put it in two puffy braids

So I parted out the rest of her hair and put it in even pigtails
Briaded out her pigtais wraped them and secured them with bobby pins!

Stuck in some giant bows and your done!

From the top

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

To Cool for Hair part deux

So we tried the same hair do as last time, only we substituted the curling Iron for curlformers (my favorite curlers) and the water for hairspray!

Here is the close up that kinda shows how we put in the bobby pins, I just took sections and hooked them back kinda giving them volume by not pulling them tight
here is all the hair from the back
Here she is all done! what a great hairdo, Just goes to show you, if you use the right tools it may just work!

Monday, December 7, 2009

To cool for hair's hair mishap!!!

For Too Cool For Hair's Christmas concert we thought that we would do something special, so I got out the curling Iron and began curling and hair spraying and curling and hair spraying, but as I was getting done curling I realized that I was "Hair spraying" with a hair spray bottle that I had put detangler in! good job mom, so by the time I was done her curl was all but gone, so my tip of the day is make sure that you write on your bottles that you make detangler in! this hair do would have been so cute if the curl would have stayed in I will still give you a step by step and hopefully I can do It again soon without the water! LOLI just pulled her hair up in chunks and curled her hair and then took out a little bit at a time and curled it

Then whenI had got to the top back of her head I started taking the hair and hooking it into a bun, sort of the first to I rolled to give it some volume, the rest I just hooked under the rolls to make it look smooth. then we took the very front and hooked it into a smooth hair headband.
here she is with her hair already falling out! LOL

from the front

Tada she is done! Have fun singing To Cool For Hair!!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

puffy braid crown

So, I wanted something fast, I was wiped out this weekend and I have not been up to forever hair do's! I made puffy braids on each side of her head kind of on the sideish
Then I hooked her hair into a pony on the back

added a big ole christmas bow with ralphie my favorite Christmas movie!

smile Baby Mermaid!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving! braided buns

Hey! Happy thanks giving! We had quite the crazy month but I am pretty proud that I got as much blogging done as I did! I am off to shop all night and then craft fair for the next two days but hey! I just thought that we would wish you a happy holiday and show you To Cool for Hairs holiday you can see from the pics Baby Mermaid has an addition to her face!
Yep she got glasses! Here she is waiting for her turn to get her hair done!

so I just started putting in little dutch braids in her hair

every witch way no rhyme or reason

Here she is with her braiding done.

Then I pulled it into four ponys around the back of her head then I just put the ponys into pin curls and fixed them up the best I could. ( the stuffing and yams were in the oven so I had a few minutes to work!)

from the back

from the top

and there you go from the front all the way done (mom would have added a bow, or flower)
I am so thankful for wonderful kids, a awesome hubby that reminds me to slow down and not try to do everything, the best parents in the world, good friends, great friends and awesome followers! Thanks for following me on this wild ride called life!