Monday, December 7, 2009

To cool for hair's hair mishap!!!

For Too Cool For Hair's Christmas concert we thought that we would do something special, so I got out the curling Iron and began curling and hair spraying and curling and hair spraying, but as I was getting done curling I realized that I was "Hair spraying" with a hair spray bottle that I had put detangler in! good job mom, so by the time I was done her curl was all but gone, so my tip of the day is make sure that you write on your bottles that you make detangler in! this hair do would have been so cute if the curl would have stayed in I will still give you a step by step and hopefully I can do It again soon without the water! LOLI just pulled her hair up in chunks and curled her hair and then took out a little bit at a time and curled it

Then whenI had got to the top back of her head I started taking the hair and hooking it into a bun, sort of the first to I rolled to give it some volume, the rest I just hooked under the rolls to make it look smooth. then we took the very front and hooked it into a smooth hair headband.
here she is with her hair already falling out! LOL

from the front

Tada she is done! Have fun singing To Cool For Hair!!!


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