Tuesday, December 8, 2009

To Cool for Hair part deux

So we tried the same hair do as last time, only we substituted the curling Iron for curlformers (my favorite curlers) and the water for hairspray!

Here is the close up that kinda shows how we put in the bobby pins, I just took sections and hooked them back kinda giving them volume by not pulling them tight
here is all the hair from the back
Here she is all done! what a great hairdo, Just goes to show you, if you use the right tools it may just work!


Julie Jones said...

too fun!

Elaine said...

I may need to recruit you to do my hair... Right now it is flat and boring!


Tracita Linda (aka Tracey) said...

You have such great variety and styles. When I have my own girls, I hope I have as much creativity and patience as you!

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