Sunday, December 27, 2009

day five hair challenge!

This is day Five, this will be the last day of my hair challenge but to tell you the truth she wore her hair like this for 2 days! wahooo! I feel like a hair recycler to the max!

So we took her hair out of the french braided bun and It would of looked similar to this but I cheated, washed her hair and triple barrelled it while we were watching t.v. but You could still get the same look by just upbraiding hair and touching up with a crimper or triple barrel, I just couldn't deal with dirty hair any more! LOL

If you remember we had a crooked part to start with so I just took a square off of that part and then the two side sections, hooked them up in elastics, and then pulled them through with a Topsy tail! easy peasy!

Here she is from the front! thanks for reading my hair challenge for the week! I had a great time and I hope to do this again soon!


Amie said...

You rock! I love the hair challenge!
Amie @

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